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December 26, 2013

Tyler Lockett


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  From a rhythm standpoint, is it difficult having two quarterbacks, being a receiver?
TYLER LOCKETT:  Well, I mean, that's one of the things we kind of worked on when we were in spring ball.  We had Jake Waters and Daniel splitting the reps, trying to decide who was going to be first‑string quarterback and second‑string quarterback.  Trying to figure that out, it helped us getting comfortable with Jake or Daniel being our quarterback so we would be able to be on the same page.
We had to learn, stay after practice sometimes, sometimes come before practice, run certain routes just so they could get the feel.  I think spring ball, especially the summer, going into camp, it helped us out.  Whenever game time comes around, it doesn't matter who our quarterback is because we know what each of them are capable of doing.
Daniel, he's going to be a leader.  Jake, he's going to be a leader.  The coaches call the plays to their style, their form, being able to play at their capabilities.  With us, we get the feel of it.  They already know how we're going to run our routes.

Q.  Slow start to the season.  Strong run at the end.
TYLER LOCKETT:  The slow start, we weren't able to capitalize and finish.  That was the main thing right then and there.  After we started losing those close games, we lost by 2, we lost by 10, they wasn't ever really a blowout.  I think it was trying to find a win.  Doesn't matter how the way came around, it was just finding a way.
It was doing that extra stuff in practice.  And in practice, just finish, just finish, finish better than how you started, because that's what we were struggling in.  Once we started finishing in practice, we started finishing if games.

Q.  Do you run different routes for each quarterback?
TYLER LOCKETT:  In some ways it is.  I think you kind of get the feel of it.  Like I said, you kind of know how they're going to throw the ball.  Say it's a post, you know how you can run the route on your post route or a post flag.  You know how you can set the defender up.
As soon as they see this trigger move, they know when to throw the ball.  I think that goes with having that relationship on and off the field.  As long as they know you, it's, That's the trigger move, got it, throw the ball.  Doesn't matter who is in it.

Q.  Defensively, do they get confused with two quarterbacks?
TYLER LOCKETT:  It's hard for schools to go back and get a scouting report and scout two quarterbacks.  You never know who is going to be a quarterback.  You never know who you're going to get at quarterback.  That kind of hurts them because they try to figure out, Okay, when this quarterback is in, we need to work on this.  And we might be working on a totally different offensive scheme going against the next team.  It keeps teams off balance whenever we play day in and day out.

Q.  How excited are you to face a team that likes to go for the ball, but sometimes jumps the route too quickly?
TYLER LOCKETT:  I think it's very exciting.  I think that just shows you you have to be on top of your game, you have to be able to run your routes, sink your hips, get down, get out of your break quick, come back to the ball.
That's something Coach Coleman tells us about.  After you run your route, come back to the ball.  I think a lot of it comes off of film.  They might watch film and see how they run their routes, and they may try to sit on it.  You really don't know.
That shows we have to be on top of our game.  As soon as they see something in our form that shows we're going to break down...

Q.  Michigan's secondary, what jumps out to you about them?
TYLER LOCKETT:  They're athletic, well‑coached.  They're well‑disciplined.  They know what coverage they're in.  They play the coverage pretty well.
I think, especially when you watch film, you just see the way the receivers try to get open, they got to win at the top of their routes.  Michigan is with them the whole step of the way, then it would have to be at the top of the route or the receiver would have to make a great play.
We have to really be able to focus on our fundamentals.

Q.  Is there a way they go about their business that's similar to any other Big 12 team?
TYLER LOCKETT:  You could say it's similar because they each have a characteristic of every team we played.  Being able to see that, you can compare it to other teams and see how they played you defensively, whether it was bump‑n‑run or coverage.  How did I get off the bump when they tried to pressure?  Just being able to see that, that helps you with, Okay, now I need to see what I have to work on.

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