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November 7, 2013

Brian Gay


THE MODERATOR:  Brian Gay, thanks for joining us for a few minutes.  I know you are probably still kind of settling in, just one of three guys that come from Shanghai to here and it obviously hasn't slowed you down.  7‑under, 63 today at the McGladrey Classic in round one.  Just some comments on kind of where your head is and how you are feeling.
BRIAN GAY:  I wasn't feeling very good at all this morning.  I've struggled the last few days sleeping and been really tired.
But nice day.  Solid, just an all around solid day today.  Hit the ball nice, made a couple of long putts.  Just a good day.

Q.  What was your travel like? 
BRIAN GAY:  I actually had a great flight home.  I was able to get out of Shanghai at 6:00 Sunday on American straight to Chicago, and then got me to Orlando late Sunday night, which I thought was going to be to my advantage to get back as soon as possible.
I went to bed.  I slept a little bit when I got home and laid around the house all day Monday and just chilled out.
Then I went to bed Monday night about the end of the football game around midnight.  And I work up wide awake and I look at the clock and it's 3:50, and I just toss and turn for a few hours.
Then I got here late, drove up Tuesday night and I slept five or six hours.  I'm really tired all day, but then I'm not sleeping good.  Should be all right in a day or two, I hope.

Q.  How long was the flight?
BRIAN GAY:  It was like 13 and a half, I think.  I had a couple of layover and a couple of hours to Orlando.

Q.  Talk about what you liked about your game today.
BRIAN GAY:  Everything was good.  I drove the ball nice, hit a lot of long iron shots and putted good.  I made three long putts, which was a bit of bonus.  Did everything pretty well.

Q.  Is there anything that woke you up?
BRIAN GAY:  You know, I was super tired.  I was on the tee when they stopped for the fog.  I was really sleepy this morning.  And they said as soon as it lifts, we're going to start.
They are not going to let us warm up, so I don't want to stand on the range for two hours.  So I went in the locker room and kind of rolled the dice a little bit.  If they said come on after 45 minutes, I wasn't going to be warm when I went to the tee.  And I just sat in a chair and not really went to sleep but just relaxed and tried to take a little bit of a nap.  And then I said I'm going to go to the range and at least try to wake up and be loose when they call us.
So I did that and I felt pretty good when I teed off.  I felt like I had more energy.

Q.  What time did you wake up?
BRIAN GAY:  I got up at 5:00.  Well, I hit the snooze until 5:05.  I try not to get up before 5:00.  That's kind of my rule.  Unless I absolutely just don't have enough time.

Q.  (Inaudible) this week?
BRIAN GAY:  I heard about that.  You know, it's three hours from home and I like the golf course.  I have six weeks off.  I'm actually going to Mexico.  I like that golf course, too, and I've won there.  I just figure I'm going to grind it out for four weeks and then I'll have six weeks off before Hawaii, see if I can get something going.

Q.  Did you know Briny's name was Michael?
BRIAN GAY:  I didn't remember that, no.  I heard him saying that.  I didn't know what his name was actually.

Q.  Where did you make your long putts?
BRIAN GAY:  I made ‑‑ where did I make the long putt?  I made a long one on 17.  I made‑‑ do you have my scorecard?
Let me think for a minute.  No. 8, I made from one from the back of the green probably 30, 35 feet.  They were all between 30, 35‑footers.
The only thing I did different today, we switched it up.  I hit two good shots on the first hole about eight feet.  And then me and my caddie always read putts together.  And I putted miserable.  And hit the ball really good Friday and Saturday in China and made nothing.  I missed the 8‑footer on the first hole.  And I hit it close on No. 2 again, about 7 or 8 feet.  He said why don't you just read them.  If you get lost then call me in.  He goes you're so good on Bermuda, I think you will lock in better.  I made that one and he didn't read one the rest of the day.
Maybe that got me more focused and locked in on the putts today doing that.

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