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May 26, 2013

Jeff Coston


Q.  I understand your week started in a very hectic manner with another tournament just getting here was an adventure.
JEFF COSTON:  Yeah, it was a lot of fun.  This is the second year that's taken place where the scheduling of the Washington Open ended on Wednesday.  And this started Thursday, so this year I got in Thursday morning.  I had an afternoon tee time.  I won that state open four times and I would love to get it a fifth.  So I'll just have to keep working on it.

Q.  You won the low club professionals honors for a second time.  What does this mean to you?  Is it something you think about?
JEFF COSTON:  I haven't thought about it too much.  Really the honor for club pros is to be able to play in this tournament and be a part of things.  Having my golf academy and I've been there 19 years and played the TOUR before that, so it's nice to be able to come and play and see people that we haven't seen for awhile and test yourself and so I really appreciate that.

Q.  Tell me just a little bit about your round.  I watched most of it.  You got off to a real strong start and not as strong at the very end.  But tell me about for you how the round went.
JEFF COSTON:  I was riding the wave there, man, like Switchfoot for awhile.  And that was good and fun.  And golf is weird.  And weird people play it and I'm glad I'm one of them.  But some things happened and, boom, it can happen to anybody.  At least that's what they tell me.

Q.  What's up with this air guitar?
JEFF COSTON:  I'm trying to have fun, man, I'm on the back nine of life.  I'm trying to enjoy the journey.  And I played every TOUR but the women's TOUR.  I'm trying to have a little bit of fun.  And I used to play the guitar, I always wanted to be a rock star, man, so there we go.

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