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January 20, 2013

Brian Gay


Q.  A 3‑putt from the fringe on the last, but 63, you made the move and made Scott think about it.
BRIAN GAY:  Yeah, you know, I was thinking yesterday, I know I can shoot a super low round and maybe not catch him, he was so far out in front.  But just fortunate to have the opportunity if I got hot.
I got above the hole a couple times on the back nine and had some tough putts and I lost some steam a little bit, but pretty happy.

Q.  The putt you hit so far past, you hit it seven or eight feet by the hole.  You put it just out of the hole on the right and it didn't move coming back.
BRIAN GAY:  Yeah, I wouldn't ever hit that putt over.  I hit it absolutely perfect, just two balls out and it just hung out there a little.  But, yeah, I haven't putted one out of the rough all week, and I decided to go with putter there.  It looked like I was pretty good uphill at the end, and I was trying to make it.  Honestly, I was just too aggressive.

Q.  Well, hang around and maybe we'll be doing another interview in a little while.
BRIAN GAY:  All right.  Thank you.

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