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December 29, 2012

Tyler Lockett


Q.  Does the bowl atmosphere, the side things you do, how does that play into preparing the Ducks?
TYLER LOCKETT:  It helps us prepare.  Like coach says, when we come out here to practice, we practice.  When we have free time, we're able to relax, have fun, enjoy ourselves.
Just to be able to see what the Fiesta Bowl gives to us, it's a pretty awesome experience.

Q.  Have you adjusted the pace of your practice to try to prep for Oregon?
TYLER LOCKETT:  Yes, in some ways, we have.  At the same time we've just been doing the same thing we've been doing since day one.
We have been preparing a lot faster, going through things a lot faster, just trying to speed it up.

Q.  Has it thrown anything off?
TYLER LOCKETT:  No, it hasn't thrown anything off.  We kind of started it off slow and we eased our way into it to make it look good.

Q.  Is it supposed to speed up even further as the week progresses?
TYLER LOCKETT:  Only Coach Snyder would know.  I'm sure that's where he's trying to get us to.

Q.  Any concerns, a lot of teams get 'worn down' by the Ducks?
TYLER LOCKETT:  I feel like we're conditioned.  Coach Snyder conditions us almost every single day.  That's something we've been working on since day one, especially in the summertime and spring ball.  That's one thing he wants us to be prepared for, to be in condition for whoever we play.

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