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October 26, 2012

Seung-Yul Noh


Q.  How was today?  How are you feeling here?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Way better than yesterday.  Then the swing and putting is pretty good.  The swing is pretty good today, but still a lot of missed birdie putts, but still good playing today.  Playing a good score, so very happy.

Q.  Are the greens hard to read?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  A little bit.  But really tough to focus on the shot because it's really warm weather and you lose the tempo and things.

Q.  What are you doing out there to keep cool?  Are you having special drinks or towels and ice or anything like that?

Q.  Your season as a whole, this is your first full year on the PGA TOUR.  Are you surprised by how well you've done?  You've got a couple Top 10 finishes, many more top 25s.  How do you sum up your year so far?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  I started the season not great.  Four missed cuts in ten starts.  Then last week I made the Q‑school, and came back to Korea.  But I'm working for the U.S., and not much practice.  Then after Q‑school, I played the first practice round at the Sony practice round for one month.  So maybe I'll start a little later.
But getting better in my game.  Then a pretty good finish.  I'm in top 20, so I think better next year.

Q.  How much has Sean Foley helped change your game?  Since you've got him, you've always made the cut?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  I'm working for Bay Hill in March, maybe six, seven months now.  So a little bit of change of swing.  Working on a new swing.

Q.  How is life for young Asians on the PGA TOUR?  How is it different compared to the Asian Tour?  Does anyone help you?  You're learning the language still, I guess.  How is it different on the top tour?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  You know, U.S., everything is perfect on the golf course, outside the golf course, always like it.  Then U.S. is cleaning shoes, laundry, everything free and gift courtesy car and everything, so I like that.  Weather is not much like this.  Weather is more better than here.

Q.  So you feel like a star?  They do your laundry and they chauffeur you?

Q.  And your swing, you have a near perfect swing.  Are there aspects of your game you want to work on?  Anything on your game you want to work on:  Your short game, your iron game?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Before, a pretty good swing too.  But changes swing a little bit and then a little bit more change of swing after more my iron ball control.  I'm usually little bit right to left, but always just one way shot before.  And now I can hit the ball both ways and hit the fade and the draw a little more comfortable with short irons, so lot of good birdie chances.

Q.  When you first started off, people mistook you for Kevin Na.  I think people were saying, Go, Kevin.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Yeah, a lot of times.

Q.  Has that stopped?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  No, sometimes, but it's way better.

Q.  They know you more?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Yeah, some people speak like I know you.  Now it's getting better.

Q.  Yeah, now it's better.  It's not Kevin Na.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  I think so.

Q.  Have you spoken to K.J. Choi or any other Korean players about life in the U.S.?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Yeah, about 10, 11 people, including American‑Korean players.  And K.J. sometimes we have dinner together practice together.  (Indiscernible) but I've got a lot of time with him, and sometimes played a lot of times with him.

Q.  Have you been getting useful advice from them about playing over there?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Not much.  But it's helping me every time.

Q.  In terms of your game?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Game and then outside the course.

Q.  What does he tell you outside the course?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Interesting Korean restaurants.

Q.  That's the most useful thing?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  I've got first time, because I don't know where is Korean restaurant, so...

Q.  In the States?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Yeah, right.

Q.  What about the women golfers from Korea?  They are so amazingly successful.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Yeah, I talked to a lot of text with a woman golfers in Korea, but not much really.

Q.  Why is it they are so good on the tour?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  I'm not sure.  I think just work hard.

Q.  You think Korean men could do something similar?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Maybe I think four or five years later a good future for Korean younger player, but last year is difficult for them.  So that's hard for the Korean people.

Q.  Do you think it's harder because the boys are always compared to K.J.?  You think it makes it harder for you guys?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Sure, yeah.

Q.  So what are your goals at the moment?  The Olympics are not too far away.  Is that something you're working toward?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Well, four years.  Me and then a lot of Koreans are trying to get into the Olympic games.  Because first golfing in 2016, and the Korean people it's more important for the military service because every youngest player is trying to get exempt.

Q.  Have you done your military service?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  No, not yet.

Q.  So you have to do that before the Olympics?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  No, the Olympics makes the bronze medal makes you exempt for the military.

Q.  If you win at least a bronze medal?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Yeah.  So maybe I try to do that.  Maybe delay for the 30, 31 for the military service.

Q.  At the age of 30 to 31?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Yeah, maybe trying two times in the Olympics.

Q.  So that's a little extra incentive for you.  If you win an Olympic medal, you don't have to do your military service?  How long is military service?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  About 22 months, about two years.

Q.  That's worth getting out of.  And your first PGA TOUR win, you're looking for that next year?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  I think in Palm Springs, the Humana after the Sony Open.

Q.  You think you can win that?  Is that the target?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  I'm going to try.  Every week I'm trying.

Q.  What is your plan from now until after this tournament?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Last week at this week's tournament, and then about two or two and a half months off golf.  So maybe back to Korea and staying home for about two months.

Q.  Relax?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Maybe one month off golf, and then I'm working for the school.

Q.  Are you going to carry on with Sean Foley into next season too?

Q.  So you're thinking now things are coming together with him for next year?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Yeah, so leave December or middle something in U.S., so I'll go to Orlando.  Then my trainer is also living in the same place, so I go working for a few days together before the start of the season.

Q.  And you feel good about your prospects for next year?

Q.  What would be your goals and targets for next year?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Next year, I think better than this year.  Then trying to win the tournament.  Then make the TOUR Championship.  Then trying also top 30.  That's the goal next year.

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