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August 2, 2012

Sergio Garcia


Q.  3‑under 67, pretty good golf today, nice run of birdies on the back side.  Tell us about your day.
SERGIO GARCIA:  Yes.  You get that horrible feeling in your mouth on the last.  After hitting a great drive, which is probably the hardest thing to do on that hole, then you hit 9‑iron in and unfortunately bogey.  But other than that, I felt like I played nicely.  I felt like I hit a good amount of good shots.  I could have putted better, there's no doubt.  There were some good opportunities.  But shooting 67 on this course is not a bad thing.

Q.  Tell me about the greens.  A lot of guys are just praising how smooth they are, how good they are.  What do you think of them?
SERGIO GARCIA:  They're good, they're very good.  They're a little bit on the soft side at the moment, but if the weather stays like this, they'll get firmer.  They're very quick.  Some putts are hard to read, but yeah, they're rolling very, very nicely.

Q.  This is the Olympics going on right now, a lot of people talking about golf being part of it at RiodeJaneiro in four years' time.  Is that something you'd like to do, represent Spain?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Oh, definitely, but there's four years to go, but it's a long way to go.

Q.  They need you on the soccer team over there.
SERGIO GARCIA:  No, I think they're fine.
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