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May 27, 2012

Jeff Coston


Q.  This is what you might call more Jeff Coston golf.
JEFF COSTON:  It was a lot more fun, I'll tell you that.  And hopefully it is more Jeff Coston golf.  I just played more like myself today.  Yesterday ‑‑ out here you can make a couple mistakes at the wrong time and, boom, you're done for.  And that happened to me.
Today I was more in control of my ball.  I did some fine things yesterday, but I liked it a lot better today.  Yesterday no sharp objects in my grasp would have probably been good.

Q.  This was your first round in the 60s I believe in the Senior PGA Championship.
JEFF COSTON:  I don't know.  I was a low club pro in 2007.  So, yeah, so, hey, I'll take it.  Even par, you know, I'm ready to go.  I was happy to come back, because yesterday was kind of a blow.  But I was happy to come back and I like my students to do that too.

Q.  What does a golfer learn by playing a golf course of this magnitude which has so many segments to it, different every where?
JEFF COSTON:  Well the national Senior Club Pro was at Creighton Farms, another Nicklaus Course, that reminded me a lot of this one.  Especially the greens.
And so what was interesting is, I came out here Mother's Day, two weeks ago, and played on the 14th and the 15th of May.  And then win the back and taught on the 17th through the 20th.  And then played in the Washington Open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  I flew out and got here Thursday morning and teed it up.  Because I didn't want to miss my state open.
So I played Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, state Open, flew in, got here Thursday morning, teed up here, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  A man on the move.

Q.  This golf course, for the rest of the field, they also are finding issues with just trying to be in the right quadrant for the approach shots.  And that's precision golf, isn't it.
JEFF COSTON:  It is precision golf.  You know, the truth of the matter is, I think that the PGA has done a great job in the pace of the greens and the firmness of the greens.  Because if they were like ‑‑ and these greens are very, very true to putt‑‑ but if they had these like really fast and really firm, there would be no way.  So they have done a good job.
And also where they have put the flags.  And they always do a good job.  I played in regular PGAs and Seniors, I think this is my 15th Major Championship or something, so I'm happy that they did a good job that way.

Q.  Are you in the field for the national championship?

Q.  That's great.
JEFF COSTON:  Is it in Monterey?

Q.  It's in the peninsula, you stay in Monterey and the City of Seaside the former Fort Ord location and it's Bayonet and Black course, which has a great reputation and a pretty good walk.  It's a really easy driving distance to the hotel.
JEFF COSTON:  So Monterey or Fort Ord?

Q.  It's called Seaside, but it used to be Fort Ord and they sold it to the city.  But could you just speak about, Jeff, about being in this group of 43 here coming to this championship and what, how it ranks up there?
JEFF COSTON:  In regards to the 43 club pros?  That's a lot.

Q.  Yeah.
JEFF COSTON:  That's more ‑‑ that's a lot.  Well, I played in regular PGAs and Senior PGAs and it's fun because I'm a tournament player, I have my own golf academy, and so I just, to be able to come out here and play and just see where you are and see some old friends that I played the TOUR with and have a chance to compete and all that kind of stuff, it's a huge thing.  So there's no question about it.

Q.  Your back side today was that the best side for you?
JEFF COSTON:  I don't know.  I just was trying to play one hole at a time, so.  I was just trying to play one hole at a time and not be attached to the outcome.  I tell my students, the NATO theory.  Not North Atlantic Treaty Association, but Not Attached to Outcome.  And even coming down the stretch the second round I had to not be attached to the outcome.  So that's something, you know, that we could all take a vitamin for.

Q.  By the way, friends of your compadre was Mr.Kendall playing with you, Dave Kendall?
JEFF COSTON:  Dave Kendall.  That's right.  Really, really nice guy.  Really good player.  Starts off birdieing four of the first seven holes and I said, man, give this guy my spot.

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