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July 15, 2011

Sergio Garcia


Q. Are you pleased with where you are despite the finish?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, definitely, definitely. You've got to realise that the conditions we played in both days were very tough. It wasn't like this morning or yesterday afternoon. Today the first four holes and the last four holes were playing very, very tough. You could hit good shots -- I don't feel -- I really don't feel like I hit that many bad shots coming in. Unfortunately I hit my tee shot a little bit right on 15 and was way, way back there and thought I was going to get a flier. I didn't get it, came up short, almost made par.
17, same thing. I hit a good tee shot just in the left rough, thinking I'm going to get a flier, I don't get it, it comes up short and leave myself a tough chip. And then 18 played it pretty nicely.

Q. Talk about the 12 pars in a row with two birdies. You played very well --
SERGIO GARCIA: That's what I'm trying to say. I didn't play badly the last four holes, it's just they were tough holes. You've just got to see what happened to my playing partners, and they're world-class players.
So I think like I said before, I am happy. Obviously I would have loved to have finished at 2-under, but under the conditions that we played in, if you give me even par I would have been happy.

Q. What were you thinking when you looked out the window this morning and it's flat calm again like it was late last night? Were you thinking, just my luck, wrong side of the draw?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, I thought we'll see if it stays calm all day or not. If it doesn't, then you've just got to deal with it. There's nothing you can do. There's one thing you can't control in this game, and it's the weather. So you've just got to deal with it, and that's what we did, or we try to do the best way possible.

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