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July 14, 2011

Webb Simpson


Q. 4-under par, you got a little bit of a break in the afternoon?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was good. It was steady. I didn't make too many mistakes, didn't hit many fairways on the front, but hit a few more on the back and gave myself a lot of good opportunities. Just one of those all-around good days, drove it pretty well, hit my irons well and putted well. I'm very pleased.

Q. You're a grinder, you always give it your all, playing to the last hole. Do you like links golf?
WEBB SIMPSON: I do. I haven't played a whole lot of links golf, but I love using my imagination and touch around the greens, so it's fun. It's a totally different style than we play back home. But it's definitely fun.

Q. You played on the Walker Cup, right?

Q. Was that your only really links golf experience?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was. It was my first time out of the States playing golf. It was a lot like today. We didn't have much wind during that week, but we had plenty of wind in the practice rounds. So I'm kind of looking forward to -- if it's calm tomorrow, I'll take it, but it's fun in the wind. You've got to really think and keep your ball down.

Q. You're really starting to get yourself in contention a lot more this year. It must feel good, even though it's after one round, to be in contention at a major.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it's great. The U.S. Open was definitely a good experience for me being my first major. I was nervous definitely at the U.S. Open to start, but it helped me today to stay a little bit more calm and just kind of know what to expect, and the crowds were great out there. It was pretty awesome.

Q. What's your game plan for tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON: Same thing. My caddie and I are going to really communicate on all our lines out there, take it one hole at a time, one shot at a time. That saying gets thrown around a lot, but I think here it's more meaningful than any other place.

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