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July 14, 2011

Jason Day


Q. How did it go out there?
JASON DAY: A little bit of a struggle. I made a few mistakes out there, but not bad, especially obviously considering that I haven't had a lot of experience playing links golf. I kept myself in there, a couple birdies coming home was nice to see. I was 3-over there for a minute, and I had to do something.
But I'm not too far behind the lead, which is good. Anything can happen because there's three days left and there's a lot of weather, a lot of bumps -- obviously bumps and rolls here you can get, so obviously I'm looking forward to the next three days.

Q. After Augusta and the U.S. Open, there seems to be more eyes on you these days. Are you feeling a bit more of that attention? Is it comfortable?
JASON DAY: Yeah, well, it's not a normal feeling for me. I think it's going to take a little bit of time to feel comfortable with people yelling out my name and having that support, more than I think I was going to get. And obviously performing well at the Masters and the U.S. Open has helped that a lot. So it's a good thing that people are cheering for me, which is good. So I think it's going to take me a little bit of time to try and feel comfortable with that feeling.

Q. Having struggled a bit today, if you had it to do over, would you have putted more on the practise green?
JASON DAY: No, I just missed -- there's a few shots out there that I had, four- or five-footers that I just missed, and it was just poor putts that obviously led me to a few over par at one stage. It wasn't so much bad bounces and bad rolls. There was one on 5 where I just pulled it and it was just a terrible shot and I shouldn't have been there. But other than that, I played pretty solid golf.

Q. Overall can you give yourself a grade?
JASON DAY: Well, I'm not going to give myself a grade. I'm very happy that I stuck in there and made a few birdies -- a couple birdies coming home. Like I said, there's three days left, and I'm only, what, six shots behind the lead. So it's not that big of a distance. I've heard that the weather is going to be nice tomorrow morning and it's going to be a little -- gradually going to get worse during the afternoon. As long as I can get in there with a good round tomorrow morning, just kind of move myself a little bit up the leaderboard.

Q. You said you like to learn things as you go along. How much did you learn out there today that you can take into tomorrow?
JASON DAY: I think I'll play the same game plan that I did today, just obviously hole a few more little putts, more momentum putts tomorrow to try and get my round going. It was good that I holed the putt on I think it was 13 to get that little run going, which was nice, and I think I just need to putt a little bit better tomorrow to get everything going.

Q. What did you have to do to change your game coming over here?
JASON DAY: Oh, man, I have to hit a lot of low shots. I'm a very high-ball hitter, and you can see it -- I think I'm actually hitting it higher here. I think it's the turf that it bounces -- it's very firm ground, so it's bouncing the club and it's getting up there pretty high. I'm hitting it a little shorter but it's going higher, so I have to hit down on it, hit lower shots to get the actual distance out of my clubs.

Q. Are you still getting used to all of that?
JASON DAY: Yeah, a little bit. We only get one time to play links golf a year, and that's not a lot of experience for me. So it's just -- as long as I learn each and every year coming to the British Open, I can try and take that into the next year.

Q. Before last year how many links rounds had you played?
JASON DAY: Probably maybe a handful, yeah, not many.

Q. Still figuring it out?
JASON DAY: Yeah, pretty much. I feel like a beginner.

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