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July 14, 2011

Miguel Angel Jimenez


LYNN WALLACE: Ladies and gentlemen, we're joined by Miguel Angel Jiménez, who scored a 4-under 66 and is in second place. Miguel, thanks for joining us.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Yeah, well, I played very solid today all day long, hit the ball all day. On the 18th is probably the chance to make one of those, and I missed the fairway on the right. The ball was not sitting very well. I had to lay up and I hit a very good shot with the wedge and I saved par there. Apart from that I've been playing very well all day from green to tees, putting very well also, and that what you need to make pars on this course. As you see today with this wind, it makes it a little tricky because you need to be patient.

Q. All the talk before this week was of the young guns who were going to come out firing, and now look at the top of the leaderboard, it's yourself and Thomas Björn, who have great experience. Is that what's needed today in these conditions?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: The toughest conditions is windy conditions on the links course. That's why you need to always put the ball in play, and experience I think is -- what you say, no? The people are going to be there, no? Of course they're going to be on top of the leaderboard. They are very good players. But here in the majors and especially at The Open is when you can mix because it's a tournament. It's a fair tournament. It doesn't matter what is your age to be a good sportsman. And this links, like you can see all the years, any age can be around the leaderboard, you know, just experience, just timing, just patience is something that age gives to you, no?

Q. The R & A have laid on many special tributes for Seve this week. What does it mean to play well and be there --
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: It's always nice to play the best you can any time. You are playing for yourself any time. The tribute to Seve here is very nice because we miss him, and he make so much for golf all through his life, and we have to thank him for what he do for golf, no?
But I've already said that. This is the third interview today and the third time I'm going to answer the same question, you know? We all miss Seve, and I think we need to keep moving on. It's nice that they made that for him, and it's nice to make that tribute for him. But now I think is a moment also to start to concentrate on the golf tournament and keep moving on, you know?
I think Seve, especially here in this country, they love him. And I think it's time to concentrate on start moving on, because if not, you cannot play. We are human, and it's the moment to say, okay, go.

Q. You got a nice early finish today, which meant an early start obviously, but how do you fill the rest of the time now? Do you head back to the room?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Well, I'm very hungry, you know? Obviously I didn't eat nothing since this morning when I had breakfast and first thing I'm going to do is going to eat. And then I'll probably hit some balls, some putts, go to the merchandise with my sons to find some shirt with the logo. Like a human, no? I want to buy also a shirt for me. I am a fan of The Open, too, you know, apart from a player.

Q. You don't need to buy shirts, they just give you them, no?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: No, I have to buy shirts. My sponsor, they give me the thing, but I want to buy with the logo, The Open, no? And I have to pay for them. I'm a fan of The Open, too, you know?

Q. Will you be celebrating with a glass of Rioja tonight?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: I didn't celebrate with nothing, but I'm going to have a glass of Rioja. It doesn't matter what the scores are going to be tomorrow, I'm going to have a glass of Rioja tonight.

Q. And a cigar?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: A big, fat cigar.

Q. Did you have a cigar on the course?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: No, I don't smoke during tournament rounds. Practising, a big cloud, it's in my mouth. But not during the tournament.

Q. In America you've drawn comparisons to a fictional character on some TV commercials, beer commercials, called "the Most Interesting Man in the World." Are you aware of this, and what are your thoughts?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Well, I don't compare myself with anyone. I try to live my life and enjoy myself. I think people ought to try to do the same thing.

Q. Have you heard that before?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: I hear people make some comments about that, but I don't know. What do you want me to answer? Maybe I didn't understand properly the question, no?

Q. As a follow-up, which is the Rioja that you prefer?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Any one from Rioja is good, to make the wine you're going to have more expensive or less expensive, Crianza, Rioja, Reserva. It depends. But my favourite one, Roda I probably.

Q. How pleased are you to see Thomas back after he's had a very difficult time?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Always nice to see the people around my age that's been there. We've been on the Tour for so many years together. You can see that he can still hit the ball and play golf, and it's nice to see him, Darren Clarke, I'm very happy to see them keep moving along and playing with these young guys.
LYNN WALLACE: Thanks, Miguel. Good luck.

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