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August 26, 2010

Brian Gay


Q. 5-under a good start to the day and a good start to the FedEx playoffs, I would think?
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, absolutely. It's really wet out there, playing long. Got off to a great start.
Birdied 10 and 11 and I guess I was 5-under for ten. Made a few couple puts, hit it on one, cruised around.

Q. How is the course playing, seemed like good conditions with the greens being pretty soft?
BRIAN GAY: Yes, the course is really, really wet. The ball is plugging in the fairway, the greens are soft. Pretty smooth early, though, not too much traffic. Getting pretty beat up during the day. But good solid start. Had that one little hiccup on 6, really tough par 4. 6, hit it left out of the trees and holed a bunker shot in on hole. Made a good putt on the last.

Q. Talk about finishing strong on 18?
BRIAN GAY: Another long par four up the hill, hit a good drive on the 3-iron made, about a 22-footer there, so it was a bit of a bonus.

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