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September 19, 2008

Sergio Garcia Lee Westwood


LEE WESTWOOD: It was always going to be a tough match. When we saw the draw with Kenny Perry and his home support and a battler, and Jim, I have played with Jim a lot and he doesn't give anything away, so we feel like the almost won that game getting a half out of it.
SERGIO GARCIA: If you look at it we missed a coup le of shots, like the one of the 15th, but they missed a couple coming in too so it all evened up. They are two great players, Jim is playing extremely well and it was a hard fight.

Q. You got the impression this was a very important half a point?
LEE WESTWOOD: We half a point is actually a point as they lose half a point and we win one. Anytime you can get out of jail like that makes a massive difference and can be a momentum shift for the rest of the team.

Q. So do you both leave this green feeling good?
SERGIO GARCIA: Definitely. Two down with two to play and get a half is great.

Q. Salvaged half a point there Lee didn't you?
LEE WESTWOOD: We did. It was a battle for us but we came good at the end for the last two holes and could have win the last three. We would have been pleased with half a point standing on the 17th tee. It was a good match and good quality stuff. They hadn't made a bogey until the 16th and in foursomes golf that is very good.
SERGIO GARCIA: As Lee said it was a very hard played match and they played very nicely. We played well and there could have been a couple of putts here and there which could have dropped and didn't, but it was a very well played match and happy with a half point.

Q. And with the match situation, it has been a long long time since Europe have been in this position after the first morning which makes you match even more important?
LEE WESTWOOD: Very important. We had seen Justin and Ian lost the last hole which if that had gone our way it would have been completely different. Every half point is critical at this stage. We knew they would come out fast with a lot of home support and we just had to grind it out.

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