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May 22, 2008

Scott Mahlberg


Q. Just tell me a little bit about your round and what you think of the golf course.
SCOTT MAHLBERG: Well, the course is fantastic. It's very demanding off the tee and around the greens.
Unfortunately, I didn't play as well as I would have liked to. I had 41-41, and let a few shots get away from me. I didn't hit the ball as straight as I wanted to and I had a couple 3-putt and that adds up very quickly when you do that.

Q. How unforgiving is the rough off the fairways?
SCOTT MAHLBERG: Really, you can only expect to advance the ball, if it's sitting down, about 80 yards. To swing as hard as you can.
And there are quite a few holes where there's water crossing the fairway, so if you do hit it in the rough you really need to lay it up short of that water. You can't slash it and get it up by the green and get up-and-down. Because it's not an option.

Q. Was it tougher teeing off later or as opposed to early this morning do you think?
SCOTT MAHLBERG: Well I came out here actually early to warm-up and hit balls and it really wasn't very windy, but it got quite windy. I would say it was about a three club wind by, especially -- I teed off on 1.
By the time we rolled around to 15, the par-3, it was a three club wind at that hole.

Q. How about the greens? I know they're pretty fast and pretty treacherous.
SCOTT MAHLBERG: They were very fast, although they weren't nearly as fast as the putting green and that actually threw me off a little bit. I was short quite a bit until I figured out it really was a lot slower than the putting green. So hopefully I can catch on a little quicker tomorrow.

Q. What do you have to be to win the tournament?
SCOTT MAHLBERG: I was thinking before the tournament it would be 3 or 4-under. We'll see. What's the lowest number now? I think it's 2-under now, right. For the day. 1-under for the day. Well, I think that 3-under or 4-under is going to win. And it may even be even par.
Because if you just get going a little bit bad, you can make bogeys in a hurry.

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