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May 29, 2004

Brian Gay


Q. You're in good position heading into tomorrow.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, quite a ways back, but I played well.

Q. (Inaudible).

BRIAN GAY: Well, Toms is a great player and I certainly don't expect him to back up, so I'll just go out and play my best and see what happens.

Q. With the early start time tomorrow off two tees, is that going to affect your game?

BRIAN GAY: No, it makes no difference.

Q. Does it affect your thinking when you're out there because you don't necessarily know what other people are doing because they're all golfing at the same time?

BRIAN GAY: Well, that's the good thing is everybody will probably much have the same weather. It's not like someone is playing at 8:00 and somebody at 12:00 when the weather can turn, so we'll all be in the same conditions tomorrow.

Q. They said the winds tomorrow are going to be stronger than they were the first day. Will that play a role in -- right now obviously David is the man to beat, but if we get some weather in here, what role do you think that's going to play?

BRIAN GAY: It'll play a role. Strange things can happen when the weather gets bad. Personally, me, I'd rather play tough.

Q. Would you like to be in that final threesome?

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I would. It's a good spot to be in.

Q. You feel good obviously about the way you've played the last couple of weeks. When you're coming here does it feel good even though you had a rough time coming here? Are you keeping a good streak going?

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I really was looking forward to coming here, kind of bouncing back if you will after not such a good finish last Sunday. I mean, I was playing well, it's just good to come back here and get it going again.

Q. Anything in particular that's gotten you going the last couple weeks?

BRIAN GAY: No, I've been kind of heading that way for a while, been a little inconsistent, been working on some swing stuff for a while. I guess it's just slowly getting better.

Q. The special tee time in the morning, is it an advantage more to the people trying to catch the leader or the leader?

BRIAN GAY: Well, if the weather gets worse as the day goes on, it's an advantage for the leader. No one is going out three hours ahead of time or anything like that.

End of FastScripts.

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