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November 16, 2006

Etienne de Villiers


ETIENNE de VILLIERS: So you're probably wondering what the hell this is all about, and it's really simple.
I just wanted to get you here under false pretenses to thank you for everything you do over the year and every year to make our sport better.
I had to find a reason to buy you some champagne, and this was the reason. I knew if I did anything else, you wouldn't come. So I had to lie to you and say there was something important.
I just want to say thank you. You keep us honest, and that's important. I don't expect praise when I don't deserve it. I don't even expect praise when I do. I expect you to keep us honest.
But I love what you do. You keep our game alive. Without you, we don't have a sport. I just wanted to say that I recognize that, and I thank you, and there's some champagne. Please enjoy that.
We'll keep seeing you every other tournament. Thank you (applause).

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