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October 28, 2006

Sergio Garcia


Q. How was it out there today?

SERGIO GARCIA: It's been a rather complicated day with the wind. And I think to finish a day like this on this golf course with just one bogey, to me it means a lot. I only made two birdies but going out today with just one bogey at Valderrama, it's important. Very few times I leave the golf course saying, I couldn't have a lower score. People were supporting me all the way along. Not only today, but it has been like that every year. I hope I can give them some joy tomorrow.

Tomorrow, patience will be the key. You know you are going to hit a bad shot. What you must try to do is minimise the mistakes. They are all very good players this week. Jeev, he has won in China; Lee, and of course Edfors has won three times this year. They are all very good players and anybody can win this week. If the weather stays like today and yesterday, the scores will go down. Maybe if it is like today, the score will be even plus one. I will try to make another round under par and I will just try to play the best that I can and be positive. If it goes right, fair enough. If it doesn't, nothing is wrong.

Patience and good game will be the key tomorrow. Having a solid round, that will be very important.

Q. Is the back nine that much harder than the front nine in this wind?

SERGIO GARCIA: Is the back nine harder? Yeah, I'd say so. You have 11 that plays dead into the wind. 12, dead into the wind. 13, into the wind. Which are tough holes; without wind, they are not easy and with wind they get even tougher. Then you have 14 downwind which gets easier but then it becomes a little bit harder to hit the fairway because everything seems to kind of run out into the rough, and then you lose control from there.

And then you have 15 which is playing extremely difficult. 16 and 17 are playing a bit downwind which helps a little bit. But then, you don't know what can happen on 17. And 18, I think 18 is playing very tough.

Q. What did you hit for your second at 18?

SERGIO GARCIA: I hit a really good 3 wood off the tee, and I hit 7 iron. It was a really good 7 iron to get it all the way to the pin. It was definitely, with this wind, it was definitely playing a little bit tougher than the front nine. That doesn't mean that the front nine is playing easy, because you have some tough holes there, too, and you have holes like 3, which is playing quite difficult. Then you have 5 is playing good. 6 becomes a tough putt. 7 is very difficult with the wind off the left to hit that fairway. And then 9 is straight into the wind.

So I think all in all, it's a mix of good, tough holes out there.

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