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October 25, 2006

Sergio Garcia


MARIA ACACIA: So how did it go today, Sergio?

SERGIO GARCèA: Well, it was nice until the storm came. Playing the course nicely, and it's just a shame, you know, this weather, because the course definitely doesn't need anymore rain. You know, hopefully we'll escape some of the weather that's coming.

You know, looking forward to the week. I've done well here the last three years, and I'm hoping that this year I can get myself in the same position and hopefully finish it off.

Q. How much enjoy playing here on this particular course?

SERGIO GARCèA: I love it. I really enjoy this, event, I really enjoy this golf course. I think it's the kind of golf course that is asking you to hit pretty much every shot in your bag, pretty much every club in your bag. That's something that not many courses can do these days. Even though it's not a long golf course, at all, it still manages to play difficult.

Unfortunately it's just wet this year with all this rain we have. You know, hopefully we get some good weather and we start, you know, start firming up a little as the week goes on.

Q. In general, how go golf courses in Spain compare to the rest of the world?

SERGIO GARCèA: I think we have great golf courses here in Spain. You know, there's a whole bunch of courses around down here in Costa del Sol, and a lot more projects around in the middle of north of Spain, near where I'm from.

So you know, I think we're doing great, and slowly we're getting better and better.

Q. If I may ask you, away from golf, what do you do to relax, if you have time to relax?

SERGIO GARCèA: Well, I enjoy doing all sort of sports, but mainly tennis, football. I love watching sports on TV, watching the Spanish league and premiere ship and a little bit of Formula I, although it's just over, motorcycles, everything. I really enjoy my sports and spending time with friends.

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