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June 3, 2001

Sergio Garcia


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: We'd like to thank Sergio Garcia for joining us for a couple of minutes. Good tournament.


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Why don't you just share a little bit of your emotions with us and we'll go into some questions.

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, as you said, it was a pretty good tournament. I felt like I played pretty well. The first two days, I could have gone really low, but I think overall, it was a pretty good tournament. I think after winning Memorial -- after winning Colonial, to come back this week and finish tied for second, it's pretty good stuff. So I'm proud of that. I just hope to keep maintaining my level.

Q. What is it like trying to catch somebody who won't be caught?

SERGIO GARCIA: That's why I like trying to make an unmakeable putt. No, I think it's possible to catch him. He played well, that's for sure, but, you know, when -- maybe it was almost impossible to catch him this week. But any other week, if something doesn't go his way, then you can have a chance. But, for sure, he's playing really well. You know, I'm looking at myself and I'm proud of how well, how I'm playing, too. I think that gives me a lot of credit, too.

Q. Take the par 5's out of the equation, and you've beat Tiger by a shot. How big are the par 5's out here?

SERGIO GARCIA: Every course, the par 5's are huge. You know, when Tiger plays, they are even bigger because you know he can birdie or eagle almost every time. But you know, I felt like I played the par 5's better than what I really did. You know, that's the way it goes sometimes. You've just got to realize it, and sometimes you're not going to make birdies on the par 5's because you don't hit a good putt or just miss the shot, and leave yourself a tough shot. But you've just got to try to make birdies on the par 4's, par 3s. There's 18 holes on the golf course that you can birdie every single hole, so you've just got to try to do that.

Q. You don't have a different mindset going into the par 5, thinking, "If I don't birdie, I'm going to fall a shot behind?"

SERGIO GARCIA: Of course, you think you should birdie the hole, at least. But if you par it, you've just got to realize you're just going to shoot one more shot than what I was going to shoot before. It can make a big difference, but it's not a huge difference when you are playing on the golf course.

Q. Jack has been fooling with these par 5s for two years to try to make them more challenging to you guys. It looks like -- can he do anything to them to bring Tiger back to where you guys --

SERGIO GARCIA: You can make them 680 yards long so that it will be impossible to reach them, but that's not the way I think it should be either. The par 5's, they are right there for that. You can hit a good shot -- I think the way the par 5's are, they are really in a good way, because you can hit a good shot and make eagle or you can hit just a -- not that bad of a shot and make bogey or double-bogey. So I think the only difference is that he's playing -- he's playing those par 5s great. He's hitting the fairway and he's hitting great iron shots. It doesn't matter how tough you make the par 5, unless you make it like that, 650 yards, but it is impossible to reach. Almost like 11, into the wind, it was impossible to reach these days. There's no way that he's not going to be able to make birdies or eagles.

Q. No. 5 was a big swing hole for Tiger and Paul today. It swung three strokes in that group alone. If your shot would have come up better on 5, do you think it might have changed your day?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, of course, I think it would have. If I would have made two putts from 15 this morning, I had a great eagle chance and go back to 10-under. But if you go back to 5, it can never stop, you can just keep going and going. But it happened the way it happened, and you've got to take it as it comes. I could have hit that second shot just a little better, and if I would have hit it just a little better it would have been pretty close.

Q. What was your yardage?

SERGIO GARCIA: I had 224. I had 4-iron. I hit it just a little heavy and probably cut it a couple yards too short.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Let's go through your round.

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, on 5, I hit a good drive middle of the fairway. 224 to the hole. 4-iron just a little heavy. Hit the bank just short of the hole and came back in the water; dropped. Hit a lob-wedge to about 12 feet, 12, 15 feet and 2-putted. On the next, I hit a good drive. I hit a pretty good 6-iron from 178 yards. The wind was a little blocked, more than we thought, by the trees. Hit it just over the green; impossible shot. I think I hit it pretty good. Couldn't keep it on the green. Almost chipped it in for par. On the next, I hit a good drive. I hit a 3-wood just a little right. Hit a pretty good chip to about, probably, seven, eight feet. Made it. On the next, I hit a pretty good 6-iron. Got a little gust of wind and came up about 20 feet short of the hole and made it. Then on 13, I hit a good drive again, middle of the fairway. Pretty nice, soft 9-iron from 160 yards to about 12 feet. Made it. Then on 15, I hit a pretty good drive again. I hit a very good 2-iron just a little low. Hit probably five feet short of the hole and almost went in. Rolled a little too much, probably to about 22 feet. Hit a great putt just short. Then on 16, I tried to hit a hard 7-iron and pulled it left of the green. Hit a pretty good chip. Almost made it. Went by about seven feet and hit a pretty good putt. Just missed it right.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Sergio for joining us.

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