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November 6, 1999

Sergio Garcia


SERGIO GARCIA: In regard to the first hole, I hit a very good 3-wood, 8-iron from 149 yards, and one-meter putt. Bogeyed the second, driver, a little bit to the left into the rough, a strong wedge. I tried to go for the pin. I had a good approach. Birdied 11. A good try into the semi-rough. 5-iron to the bunker and I nearly hole it in from the bunker, it was just -- birdied the 13th, 3-iron on the fairway, sand iron and a putt from 7 inches. 15, birdie, 5-iron, very good 5-iron and two meters putt. Bogeyed the 17, drive to the left, a very good 3-wood on the fairway. 6-iron into the wind over the green and then I had a downhill putt from 10 meters and two putts. I played quite well. The back 9 I played better than the first 9. And today I was a little bit better with my putting. I didn't miss any of my short putts today. I know I could have holed some more, but I'm quite happy with my round today. It was a pity I bogeyed at the 17th, because it was quite good up to there. But anyway, 69 today, it's not a bad round at all.

Q. (Question in Spanish.)

SERGIO GARCIA: I don't think you should make a rivalry between Tiger and me, because there are a lot of great players around, and you have to take care of everyone. And I also -- I didn't start as well as I should or as I expected, because probably I put too much pressure on myself and also because of the media, because I'm playing in my home country, and finishing 5th last week. But I still have a good chance to win tomorrow, and I'm just going to go out there and try.

Q. (Question in Spanish.)

SERGIO GARCIA: (Answer was translated.) He was asked about tomorrow, and if he's feeling tired. And he said, no, I'm quite happy, I am feeling strong. I have been improving each day at the tournament and I have great confidence in my game and of course I want to do well and I will keep trying. I have enough strength and God willing let's see if I can have a very good round tomorrow. I'll try and win, at least let's see if I can be up there.

Q. Sergio, could you talk about the change in the wind today and how it affected your game and how it affects the course in general?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, because you're playing a totally different course. For example, today on the 12th hole I was hitting 4-irons the last couple of days and today I hit the iron over the back of the green. I think that's a big difference. And also 17, I was hitting driver, and today I couldn't hit a good driver. I was probably hitting a driver, 4 or 3-iron and then an 8 to the green. So I think it's a big difference. And you have to take that into account. And that's why the scores are not really, really good.

Q. (Question in Spanish.)

SERGIO GARCIA: (Answer was translated.) He was asked about his shoe, what about the spikes on the sole. He said he has been wearing the same shoes since he turned pro, and what they're changing is the sole. Apparently he's going to receive a new sole coming from Taiwan today or tomorrow. He was asked about the wind and how difficult and different is the course. And he says, I don't know, yes, probably the course looks different. I don't know if it's more difficult or more easy. With the wind blowing today you could reach the 11th hole, more or less, but the 17th, it will never be reached. If it is the levante wind, if it is blowing, there's no way you can reach the 11th, but you will be reaching the other two holes.

Q. (Question in Spanish.)

SERGIO GARCIA: I think Miguel is playing really well, and he has a lot of chances to win this week. But I think he just has to finish this couple of days, he's been playing great. He played well last week and won. He's in a great tournament here. I think if he keeps playing the way he's doing, he could win this week, and I'll try to come from behind and maybe try to catch him.

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