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November 4, 1999

Sergio Garcia


Q. Can you talk a bit about how you played today and what went wrong out there and what happened that you made the bogeys that you made?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I didn't play really well today. I felt -- I didn't feel very good, like I was doing last week or something. But I just missed too many shots and too many putts. But I guess it was one of those rounds where nothing goes the right way. And I just hope it will be the only one in the tournament. And let's see if we can make three good rounds to finish with.

(Translated from Spanish)

I played badly today and I didn't feel comfortable hitting the ball. I didn't putt well. Now I'm going straight to the putting green and later to the driving range. Let's see if I can shoot three good rounds and let's see what happens. The wind is making the course more difficult, especially because of all the trees. I think it should have been a few shots less today, but I am not playing as well as I did last week. If you miss six greens and you make five or six bogeys, that's no good, is it? I was not myself today, at all. It was just one of those days when you feel so-so. I have been sneezing all night. I didn't sleep well. I haven't felt well all morning. It was just one of those days when nothing goes your way. Today I hit the driver off the tee more than normal. I hit it on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th and 17th. It's not that I want to play with more or less wind. The only thing I want to do is play better, and that's it. If the wind keeps blowing the scores will be very high. Let's see if I can shoot three very good rounds. This has been a very good year for me. No matter what happens this week nothing is going to change that.

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