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July 14, 2006

Dan Quinn Jack Wagner


PHIL WEIDINGER: Jack, you had three birdies in a row on the front, so let's go. Take us through your round.

JACK WAGNER: I started out, I birdied 2 and got a lucky break, actually, in the water on the par 4 the par 5 4th. So I kind of hit it over there and it kicked out and I was able to save making probably a bad number there.

And then on 6, I chipped out and got up and down from about 80 yards. From that point I had three birdies in a row on 7, 8 and 9. So sometimes you make a good par and kind of gets the momentum going.

And then the back nine, I just didn't hit the ball well and made no putts. So I just kind of probably shot 1 over, 2 over on the back nine, which is not a good score.

But I had a great front nine and that kind of that got me going and didn't have any big wrecks on the back but certainly decent get it going. I had a chance to really have a great score today but I didn't keep it together.

Q. How is the course playing this year compared to years past?

JACK WAGNER: I think the course is probably in the best shape I can remember. It's not actually we played earlier in the week, Danny and I, the fairways were pretty soft. But it seems like they dried the course out a little bit more and the ball is running good on the par 5s.

The greens are in great shape. Last year, they had a hard winter and a late summer, so they really brought the course around. It's in terrific shape.

Q. It's been a few years since you've been back here (leading), a few struggling years, is your game different now or what was the difference between the last few years and today?

JACK WAGNER: Well, I started working for CBS in '03, so I pretty much didn't play golf for almost two years, maybe about five rounds a year. And certainly no competitive golf other than this tournament and maybe one other tournament. So, you know, I just committed to that job and that's what took my time.

This year, I was able to get a little bit of free time. I had two weeks off before this, so my 15 year old boy, who is very much into golf played, so he and I go out quite a bit. So I can go out and compete a little bit more now. I don't claim to be as good as I used to be, like around the greens I'm a bit shaky but certainly better than how I was the last couple of years.

Q. What's your son's name?

JACK WAGNER: Peter. And I have an 11 year old son, Harrison.

DAN QUINN: I played really well tee to green. Counted my putts, probably mid 30s. I had three bogeys and made five birdies, including 1. Three putted 3, and I birdied 8 and I birdied 13 sorry birdied 14, 15 and then I 3 putt 17 and 2 putted for birdie on 18. So that was pretty much my day, two 3 putts and I hit a lot of close shots.

So I feel, you know, it was the same usual first round stuff. I was a little tentative putting. Missed two short ones. Probably missed two birdies inside four feet and a couple par putts inside three feet. So other than that, it was a very solid day. Drove it just okay, but I'm happy with the round, for the first round.

Q. Last year you finished sixth, which is much lower than you're used to I think. Was there a little extra incentive this year to try to put last year behind you, anything like that, did you want to kind of show the fans your normal Top 3?

DAN QUINN: I've had a good run since 2000, 2001, I had, what, the first, a third, a first and a first, so I had a good run there. Then last year was just from the first day on, I never felt like I was in contention. And you know, some guys come in having fun, some guys are serious. There's nothing worse than getting on a flight to go home on a red eye out of Vegas on Sunday night when you had a chance to win and you know you should be able to, that's all.

This year, I really just want to give myself a chance to be in the hunt.

Q. How much have you been able to play and stay on top of your game?

DAN QUINN: Well, you know, if you count up the difference from now and where we were when we had a lot of tournaments on our celebrity tour, I probably would have said I kept score five times since Tahoe last year, so no real competitive rounds. We have a lot more rust on us I think, if you probably ask a lot of guys, as opposed to when we had Elway's tournament the week before or we had four or five tournaments up until Tahoe. We just don't have that anymore.

So that's it. I think it looked like a lot of guys went out and started out well, some guys didn't finish their rounds well. For me it was going decent and Jack was going well and Grant Fuhr was going well. So a lot of guys played well considering that they haven't had a lot of competitive rounds.

Q. Did you play 18 any different than usual today because of the water level out there today that, second shot?

DAN QUINN: I hit a little bloopy drive and it rolled about a yard. So I had a 3 iron in which is not fun into that thing, so I thought of both sides, both sides are wet so just tried to hit it straight.

The course in certain parts if you hit the way it is and usually we're teeing off at 10:50, not at 9:10, so the two hours, they just haven't dried out like they were normally two hours later, including some of the greens. 18 green usually gets a little hard on front and the ball releases. Certainly the fairways for when you play in the morning, they sprinkle them at night, you're not getting a lot of roll.

So what happened on 18 was just that. I told my brother, I said, that's not too good, either. Hit a pretty good shot and 2 putted.

Q. Who is caddying for you?

DAN QUINN: My brother, Kevin.

Q. If you could, talk a little about the difference between the wind the last few days and today, I assume that there's not much out there?

DAN QUINN: Nothing, really. Spectacular golf course, such a beautiful place. My brother and I we've been here since Monday and haven't seen a cloud yet. The course played spectacular.

The new greens, 5, 7 and 16 are so good. Even the one that is have been around that we usually have trouble with 8 came back; we had to play the other one last year. The superintendent has done a great job. The course was really, you know, with no wind although sometimes it's nice to have wind. It gives you something to playoff. Especially 18, you can pick up another 20. I had just in my head on 17, I hit a horrible 8 iron from 179 whatever it was. Normally I'm hitting it normally it's downwind when we're in the tournament and if I hit it that hard, it goes over the green because the tees are up. So I totally came out of it.

We're used to having a little more wind than we had, if that makes sense. Just from 16 years, you're used to hitting a big 9 iron and the ball hits. Like I said we played earlier and some of the greens were softer, I think because of that. I'm sure they are drying up right now. Drying up for Charles and Kevin Nealon.

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