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May 25, 2006

Mark Hayes


MARK HAYES: I hit it off the fairway and I did that two or three times and well on my second shot on 16 I hit the cart path and it went almost in the water over at 16th green. I didn't have much.

But I made two double bogeys on that front or back side. And over here on number, the 18th hole here, I had, I missed it just a little bit to the, you know, probably six steps off the fairway and usually you can at least get it to the front of the green. And it was right behind a tree, unplayable lie, so I just didn't every time I hit it bad it turned out really awful. So.

But I actually hit it pretty solid. I'm afraid to admit that, to shoot 76, so that was just kind of a very frustrating day and it was just a depleting day, it was so hot.

I played solid. I shot 1 under on the front and it could have been more. I mean I'm not too disappointed, but when I play that bad or score that bad on the back side, it just, you know, that's my side. I like that side.

Q. That's the side you redesigned. You need to redesign it?

MARK HAYES: I know. We're going to have to redesign it again.

Q. Can you, do you have a 60 something in you?

MARK HAYES: I hope so. I want to make sure I make the cut.

Q. So nerves weren't a factor at all today?

MARK HAYES: Well, I was, you know, I had almost a year's worth of rust, competitive rust, because I hadn't played in almost a year in the tournament. So I didn't know how to I was kind of discombobulated. I just didn't know I wasn't smooth with anything.

Q. Even on the front?

MARK HAYES: Well, swinging I was okay. But when we were getting yardage and we were trying to step all over ourselves reading putts, it just wasn't a smooth process. And most of it was, I was, you get kind of frantic. You can't do a thing, you can't do things real smooth and do them efficiently. It's kind of hard to explain, but it's just, you're just out of practice with the mundane stuff. Such as getting yardage and seeing what the front is and how much carry to the certain part of the green and it was just, it was work.

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