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May 25, 2006

Lee Trevino


Q. You've been away from this event for awhile, what was it like to return?

LEE TREVINO: Great. Great. I came here because I remembered this golf course in 1988, but I'm sad to say it's not the same golf course I played in 1988.

Q. Harder?

LEE TREVINO: Well, it's just not my type. It's not my type. If I would have known that they had changed it, elevated the greens, and put walls in front, where I can't, where I can't hit the ball where you call a bump and run, I wouldn't have played. I seriously, I wouldn't have played.

I like to play golf courses, at my age, at 66, I don't hit the ball as high. You have to hit the ball extremely high here. Or you're not going to hold these greens. My low trajectory shot will not hold these greens. And I came here because I remember in '88 when I played this golf course it was, you could bump and run and play this golf course. But they have revamped it since and they have elevated all the greens up high and then they have put these walls in front where you can't bump and run. So it's very difficult for a short hitter to play here.

Q. So what are your expectations for the rest of the week?

LEE TREVINO: My expectations is to play in the morning, if I can wake up, and then I'm going to go home, I'm driving to Dallas tomorrow night and I'm going to watch basketball this weekend.

Q. A Mavs fan?

LEE TREVINO: That's it. Thank you.

Q. You were paired with Mr. Player, both of you are great golf legends, what was it like to play with him?

LEE TREVINO: It's always great to play with Gary. Gary and I are like brothers and we respect each other a lot and I've gone to South Africa and played his tournament and done all that stuff, and but Gary's 70 and we have lost a little bit of distance I still hit it as far as I used to. Gary's lost a little bit of distance. Even though he out scored me today, I hit some magnificent shots into the greens and I ended up going over the greens and then I would chip back and miss the putts and stuff. And it was a very frustrating day for me today.

Q. What's your prediction for the NBA finals?

LEE TREVINO: If Johnson, Coach Johnson doesn't find a way to, how to stop Steve Nash, especially in the fourth quarter, this will be it for the Mavs. So I still think that Detroit might beat Miami, Detroit's a better team, but they didn't play like it last night. So we'll see what happens there.

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