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August 17, 2006

Sergio Garcia


Q. Are you delighted to start with a 69? You got it to 4 under and then didn't progress from there.

SERGIO GARCIA: I was pretty happy with my round. I mean, I had a great chance on 14 to get it to 5 under, left a putt just short in the jaws. I was disappointed missing a short one on 16.

Overall I felt like I played well. I felt like I made some nice putts when I had to, and hopefully I can keep it going the rest of the week.

Q. Playing your second at 16 there seemed to be some sort of distraction going.

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, somebody just shouted something right on the top of the backswing and I kind of pushed it a little right with the 8 iron, but no big deal.

Q. I know it's early in the week sort of thing, but it looks like we might get a little bit of rain out there. How is it going to rain?

SERGIO GARCIA: I actually can't believe that we didn't get any out there on the course because it wasn't looking good at all. But it looks like we're going to get some, and that's going to make the course play a little bit easier. It's playing pretty fast and it's quite firm, so we'll see what happens.

Q. You actually made quite a few putts today and then you missed a few putts today. How would you characterize your putting?

SERGIO GARCIA: You make some, you miss some. No, I putted nicely. I made a nice putt on 1 and I made another nice putt on 3, and then a nice one on 5. Then another one on 8, but I hit a lot of nice putts. I had a good chance on 10 that was just a misread, and then I left a couple just in the jaws, just short. Unfortunately I missed a short one on 16. But I felt pretty good. I felt like my stroke was holding nicely, and I played pretty decent. I can play better, but I played okay.

Q. (Inaudible).

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, definitely. A lot of the shots have changed from '99. The greens are a bit different and some tee shots from the tee are a little bit more difficult than they were in '99. The course is still the same, and the memories are still there. It's always nice to come back to a place where you've done well, and a place like this for me is definitely special.

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