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January 22, 2006

Sergio Garcia


Q. A dropped shot, not quite enough birdies?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I mean, I played exceptionally well these last few days, very, very well. I hit a lot of close shots and I hit a lot of good putts but it's a shame. Those three or four putts I placed the first few days come to mind and make a huge difference. I feel like at least I went out there and tried to win and I played to try to win.

And it wasn't easy today. It was quite windy and the leaders got off to a really good start. I was doing pretty well there, and unfortunately I couldn't make up any ground in the beginning.

It was a very enjoyable event.

Q. You played well, but such a fine line in a close field like this, you can't afford to miss a few putts.

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, definitely. When you come to an event like this where you have so many good players, you know that you can't afford to make many mistakes, and I did pretty well I did pretty well this week. Unfortunately probably the first day was my weakest day with those putts. I got into it nicely, settled down nicely, felt more and more comfortable as the week went on.

I'm looking forward to keep going. I think if I keep going on this same line, playing and putting the way I'm putting, although I missed a good amount of putts the last few days, I hit a lot of good putts. When you hit so many shots close, you're going to miss some, I guess that's the explanation.

Q. Happy with the event?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, very nice, great golf course, wonderful people, very well run. I was very impressed with the tournament.

Q. Might put it on your schedule again for next year?

SERGIO GARCIA: I will definitely try. Hopefully it fits in and I will definitely be looking forward to coming back here.

Q. What's your schedule?

SERGIO GARCIA: I'm flying back to the U.S., I'm going to play Buick Invitational, Torrey Pines and Nissan Open.

Q. Do you think that DiMarco coming across here do you see it that way, won his first European Tour event?

SERGIO GARCIA: I don't know definitely it's nice, but I'm sure DiMarco is going to be more happy.

You've got a lot of probable Ryder Cup players here, Monty, you've got Henrik Stenson, you have a lot of good players that are probably going to end up on the team and they both played great. I think we're looking great.

Q. Have you played with Stenson?

SERGIO GARCIA: I have, I've played with him as an amateur. As a pro I think I've played maybe once. He's improved a lot, though. I mean, he's always been a long hitter but he's really got his game together and he's improved his putting a lot and he hits it a lot straighter than he used to. So he's definitely a wonderful player to watch and we'll see what he can do in the future.

Q. You're the only player that doesn't have a course in the area inaudible?

SERGIO GARCIA: At the moment, I'm doing a couple of things, one in Spain, I don't want to have too much. Ryder Cup is my goal and there's plenty of time to do courses. I just want to go one at a time. Maybe in the future.

Q. Where is it?

SERGIO GARCIA: It's close to where I live. I'm going it with Greg Norman.

Q. Your birdies?

SERGIO GARCIA: Second, I hit good drive, 3 iron, middle of the green and 2 putted.

3, I hit a good drive middle of the green and 2 putted.

8, I hit a decent drive right inside the fairway, good 3 wood, nice punch wedge to about ten feet, made it.

10, I hit a good drive in the left semi, and then I hit a good cut 3 wood just right of the green and chipped it to about four feet and made it.

15, I hit a smooth 8 iron to about four and a half, five feet, made that.

Then on 18, I hit another good drive, I good 3 wood for my second, probably about 25, 30 feet and 2 putted.

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