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January 21, 2006

Sergio Garcia


Q. A lovely round of golf?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, it was a nice round. I played very solid. I played very, very well today and I hit so many good iron shots, and it's a shame because I was going nicely and it could have been an unbelievable round. But unfortunately, some putts didn't drop.

But still a good round and happy about it.

Q. You will take the positive and won't reflect on the frustrations?

SERGIO GARCIA: No, not at all. I think it's nice to see yourself go around and start playing well and feel like what you're doing out there. So it was a great day and it was a day that you had to score well with these conditions.

Q. Wind has dropped considerably, much different from the first two days?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, and it's changing, too. It's making the course play a little different. If you get going quickly you can score. But if you don't, some of the holes, drives now you were looking at some run ups and now you are almost hitting 3 wood. So you've got to realise those kind of things, and if you do, then you can place a good number.

Q. Nice position into the final day?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I would love to be probably at least two or three a couple of shots better, but I think I've put it easily. But, you know, that's the way it is and hopefully we can put up another good one tomorrow.

Q. I'm sure you'll get good support out there. It is very good for a first tournament in this part of the world.

SERGIO GARCIA: It's been great. I think that Abu Dhabi and the sponsors and IMG, they have done a great job in putting this tournament together and I think it's going to last a long time.

Q. Do you enjoy the whole experience of being in Abu Dhabi?

SERGIO GARCIA: It's been a good experience, a great week and hopefully I'll try to make it even better tomorrow.

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