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May 8, 2005

Sergio Garcia


CHRIS REIMER: Sergio, first of all, just wanted to thank you for coming in. I know it's probably not the circumstances you wanted to be in this chair, not the easiest time to talk with us, but we appreciate you coming in and talking with the media.

You spoke yesterday about how winning isn't everything and it's a process of learning. What are you going to take away, positives, from today?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, positives, I think I hung in there well. All the credit in the world to Vijay and Jim. They played two very good rounds.

But I played awesome the first eight holes. I should have been easily 3- or 4-under and I was 1-. It was tough. To see that you hit it to ten feet every time and you can't make a putt and you can't make a putt, and finally when you get it going a little bit and you make a couple birdies, then you probably put the worst swing I did all week. You know, it cost me. It's one of those things.

Things have been going really well all week, and every time it felt like every time I missed a shot I was struggling to make par. You know, it's one of those things. I'm disappointed, no doubt about it, but at the same time I'm happy about the way I performed all week.

Q. What did you hit on 17, and did you feel when you struck it that it was going to be enough?

SERGIO GARCIA: I hit a 7-iron. Yeah, it was plenty of club. It was the perfect club, I just didn't hit a good shot. It was perfect; it was just a solid, hard 7-iron to the right-hand side of the green with a little draw. I just kind of came out of it a little bit with my body and tried to get it back with my hands and didn't strike it perfectly. You know, I was hoping it was going to stay there, but it just bounced over to the water and bounced left.

I mean, it's not that. I mean, I played very well, as I said, at the beginning. Then I struggled a couple holes, 9 and 10, and then it seemed like I got it back a little bit. When I got it going there on 14 and 15 -- 15, I hit such a great second shot and had a very nice chance to go two shots in front and unfortunately missed that putt for eagle. You know, it's one of those things.

At the playoff I just hit two bad putts. You can't do anything about it.

Q. Could you just kind of run through 15? It looked like maybe that was going to be the shot of the tournament. What was the yardage? How was the lie? It looked like you had a good putt, too.

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I did. Unfortunately we were looking at the break, and Glenn was seeing possibly about an inch and a half right of the hole and I was seeing just a little less, and we decided to go with his look, and it just didn't break. It's one of those things. You're trying as hard as possible to get everything right, and unfortunately we didn't there.

But anyway, I should have committed a little better on 17. You know, I was trying to be aggressive. I was trying to hit a good shot just right of the hole, and unfortunately I didn't put a great swing.

Then I still had it on 18. I hit a good shot there, and unfortunately I had just an uncomfortable putt. I had to hit to the green behind me, the fringe, and I couldn't really get nice and low. I had to kind of pick it up and kind of tried to hit it with a bit of a divot. It's always tough to hit those putts. You know, what can you do.

Q. What about the playoff hole? What did you hit into 18?

SERGIO GARCIA: I hit 6-iron. It was a good swing, just held it a little bit. I was trying to hit a low, drawing 6 just short of the hole, and I just held it just slightly. It wasn't a bad shot, though. Fortunately the putts just weren't good. It was a fairly simple putt up the hill, the first one, and I just under-hit it quite a bit. And then my second putt I just didn't commit as much as I should have.

CHRIS REIMER: The state of your game is obviously good. You're looking forward to defending next week?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, it should be fun. I've got to just relax until Thursday and get everything back in shape and take the positives out of this week. They say you learn more from your losses than from your wins, so I think I can take a lot of positive things out of this week, and it's going to help me to keep going.

Q. What do you do to block out this week as you go to defend next week?

SERGIO GARCIA: You don't block it out. It's been a great week. Why should I block it out? It's been awesome. It's just disappointing at the end, but that's it. Other than that, it's been a great week. I felt like I played very well all week, and I hit the ball pretty much exactly like I wanted every time.

Coming down the stretch, it's easy to not hit perfect shots, and unfortunately I hit a couple that cost me a little bit, but it's one of those things.

Q. The course has been playing so tough on the weekend. Were you surprised so many of the guys chasing you went so low today?

SERGIO GARCIA: It was playing tough. The thing is the guys just were playing well. There was no wind or very little wind, so of course you can go out there and shoot a better score, no doubt about that. But it was still playing tough. The greens were really firm, they were really fast; fairways were really fast and firm, too. It was tough to hit fairways, tough to hit greens. It's just an awesome course, just a really good course, and I feel a bit disappointed that I didn't actually finish the job. It would have been nice to win here, but we'll have to wait for another year.

CHRIS REIMER: Thank you, good luck.

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