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April 11, 2004

Sergio Garcia


RONALD TOWNSEND: We'd like to welcome Sergio Garcia. Sergio shot 66, 6 under par, brilliant 31 on the back nine. We'd invite your questions.

Q. You seem upset about something. Did someone write something that you didn't agree with this week?

SERGIO GARCIA: No. You know, it's been going on for a while. It's okay.

Q. I don't follow.

SERGIO GARCIA: You guys but that's the way you guys are. When we're playing well, we're the best, and even if we're playing well and things are not going our way, you know, we can be shocking. So it's nice to see how fair you guys are, and I just hope that you guys don't come out now saying, oh, you know, he's back, and this is the Sergio we know and all that.

Q. Is this bittersweet to you, the way you finished so strong, thinking that maybe you had a chance?

SERGIO GARCIA: No. I just feel like I played well enough to win. Unfortunately, I'm not going to.

But, you know, that's the majors. It's not all about playing well. You've got to get lucky. You know, a couple good breaks I think could have made a big difference, and you know, unfortunately, I didn't get them at the right moment.

Q. Was there one shot or one hole in particular that really got you going, because the first six, you were kind of moving quietly.

SERGIO GARCIA: But that's the thing. I know you guys only look at a handful of players. I was 2 over through six and I could have been easily 4 under. You know, I hit a great drive on 1. I hit a good second shot, just flew a little bit with a wedge. It hit, instead of coming down the slope, it stayed just on top; 2 putted.

Then on 2, I hit a very good drive again, 7 iron into the green. A bit of mud on the ball, just hit a little left, didn't get up and down.

On 3, I hit a great tee shot, good second, to about 16 feet, left it about an inch short of the hole.

On 4, 6 iron straight over the pin. Hits on the middle of the slope. Instead of coming back it goes just to the top. Hit a great putt, just an inch right of the hole.

On the next I hit a pretty good shot, about 18 feet, just behind the hole, tough putt, 2 putted.

Then on 6, I thought I was making a 1. I hit this cut 7 iron that's going I can't even see the pin, it's going so straight at it. And it bounces just on top of the hill and I don't know why, I mean, that part of the green was a bit softer. And instead of bouncing forward, stops and comes back, and I end up making a double bogey.

So I'm 2 over, feeling like I'm 8 over.

From then on, I just kept hitting good shots. I hit it to sand wedge to 3 1/2 feet.

On the next I hit a great wedge to about 18 feet, 20 feet, just right of the hole and made that.

On the next, I hit it straight at it, but a bit into the wind. It came out a bit short and I 2 putted.

On the next, I hit a good shot just right of the hole and 2 putted.

Hit it to two feet on 12.

Hit it to 18 feet for eagle on 13. Hit a great putt; just burned the edge.

14, I caught the right edge of the tree and bounced back. I had like 260 yards, 255 yards to the hole. That was pretty much a sure bogey, and I tried to run up a 3 iron there and it came out a bit soft and ended up making a good bogey.

Then on the next, straight down the middle, great 7 iron to a foot.

On the next, a good, solid 8 iron, just right of the hole, comes back to about 16, 17 feet.

Next hole, great drive, sand wedge to about five feet.

On the last, I hit 3 wood, straight down the middle, and I hit a great 8 iron. I thought it was perfect. I thought it was going to be 12 feet right of the hole. I hit in the middle of the slope, and it just trickled up to the top and didn't come down. Hit a great putt from 40 feet and left it an inch and a half short right in the middle.

Q. You just basically were saying that you played well on every hole and didn't score early. Is that indicative of your week overall; did you hit the ball well and didn't quite get the scoring out of it that you thought you should?

SERGIO GARCIA: Definitely. I felt like first couple of days, I really felt like I shot 72, and I don't think I deserved more than a 69, at the most.

And then yesterday, I shot 75. I feel like I shot 80. I mean, that's really the way I was feeling.

It's hard because you know that a major championship, on this course, as difficult as it is, you can't go out there and shoot a 62. It's just not in the books.

I feel like I left a lot of shots out there that I probably didn't deserve. But, you know, that's the way it's been going, and hopefully it will change soon.

RONALD TOWNSEND: Thank you very much, Sergio. Good round today.

End of FastScripts.

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