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September 18, 2004

Sergio Garcia Lee Westwood


Q. That match had just about everything. You settled for a half-point, and still you feel like it got away from you?

LEE WESTWOOD: I suppose we feel we had our chances out there. Whenever you miss one on the last, you feel like you should have won it.


LEE WESTWOOD: It was a great match. We went 2-down early on, so we did well to fight back and just missed too many putts. Just didn't hole enough.

Q. How crucial did you know your match was? You were looking at the boards and realizing that Europe needed that point so desperately.

SERGIO GARCIA: We knew it was critical and we tried our hardest. I think we played great coming in. I hit a really good shot on 17. I felt like I hit a good putt; it just didn't break.

And then here on 18, I felt Lee's putt was a hell of a putt. Unfortunately it just didn't go in. But hopefully they won't be complaining about putting today.

Q. Forget about the previous 17 holes, let's talk a little bit about 18. Exactly what was it that you were trying to do there? Were you actually trying to make it or were you trying to perhaps show him the line?

SERGIO GARCIA: Of course I was trying to make it. I was trying to turn it around. I just hit it, because you never know what's going to happen, and for whatever reason it found the hole. Lee can have a better go at it and doesn't have to hit it with as much break. So I just got really fortunate.

Q. What about your little interplay there after Sergio's previous shot. What exactly were you saying to him?

LEE WESTWOOD: He said he was going to hit it over the hill and show me the line. And then he knocked it over the hill and about that far away so. I knew where not to hit it after that.

Q. Things have tightened up considerably. I would imagine that you expected that this was the way things go in the Ryder Cup?

SERGIO GARCIA: We knew that the Americans were going to come out strong. I think they made a lot more putts than they did yesterday, and we probably didn't make as many. I really feel like we're still playing very nicely and we can do some good things this afternoon.

Q. What a terrific battle that was. You had so many chances where you could have turned it either way. It was pretty tense.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, it was a great game. We missed a lot of chances coming in on 17 and 18.

And it was a fantastic match. It could have gone either way.

Q. Did you feel any more pressure today obviously leading the thing? Obviously there was a strong American atmosphere out there, or pro-American.

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, they were pretty strong out there. There is no doubt that the crowd is starting to go that way.

But I still felt like we played very nicely. They just made a lot more putts than they did yesterday, that's for sure. It's the way it goes.

When somebody plays as well as they are playing now, you've just got to try your best and try to get half a point or a point here and there and that's what we'll try to do.

Q. What was the discussion last night and this morning, because you obviously expected them to come out placing today?

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, not to be complacent, just play the way we did yesterday. Expect the crowd to turn a little bit as they have done. To expect the U.S. Team to come out firing because they were obviously wounded yesterday, which they did. So everything's happened that we expected.

Q. You're playing the same parings in foursomes as yesterday afternoon. Looking forward to that, Sergio?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes. Really looking forward to it. I just hope that we can get out there and play some good golf. And the course is still playing fast, so we've just got to keep going along and hope for the best.

Q. You've got to be looking for at least a couple of points, is that fair?

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, that's fair.


LEE WESTWOOD: Then we'll go into tomorrow looking very healthy if that happens.

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