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September 17, 2004

Sergio Garcia Lee Westwood


Q. How big was the win for Monty and Harrington to inspire you?

LEE WESTWOOD: Well it was great. It could have gone one of two ways, if they won it was going to kick the American challenge off but when they lost the momentum went the other way.

Q. Did you watch the leaderboard?

LEE WESTWOOD: No we were told not to watch the boards and not to look at it unless it was all blue � mind you how we were supposed to know that without sneaking a look I don�t know, but once I knew that Darren and Monty had both won their matches, it was all right to have a peek.

Q. You and Sergio were a very strong team today.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yes, we played well today, the partnership is very good and we get on well together. It was just a shame for the guys who have been left out because they have been playing well in practice as well.

Q. Monty said the win for them was like a point and a bit?

LEE WESTWOOD: Well it was great for our team morale that Hal paired your best two players out together and it was the first match of the day and it gets us off to a flier. This afternoon I can�t wait to play with Darren again.

We wanted to get off to a fast start in our match for the sake of the rest of the team as well to keep the momentum going that Monty and Padraig and Darren and Miguel had started. I have never heard it so quiet from the crowds in a Ryder Cup so while it is like that it is fantastic for us. I felt quite relaxed on the first tee, a lot less nervous than I have done in the previous three anyway so that has got to be good news. We had the similar feeling me and Sergio that we had at The Belfry, we fitted very well together again and made very few mistakes which was great. Me and Darren have played together before and I remember us playing David and Tiger when they were number one and two in the world so we can�t wait to face Mickelson and Tiger, it will be brilliant.

SERGIO GARCIA: To birdie the first two holes was huge mainly because they hit it close on the first and to make it before them put a lot of pressure on them so it was a helluva start, it was the start we wanted and we have just go to keep it going.

Q. The Americans looked more apprehensive than you?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I think we are so comfortable with each other that we kind of feed off that and we maybe don�t feel as much pressure as they do. We are really behind each other and if our partner hits a bad shot then we just get on with it. That is the way that I feel with Lee. I was definitely having fun out there. We are trying hard and trying to play our best but we are also trying to have as much fun as we can, play with a smile on your face you know.

The crowds were good. At one point I heard somebody shouting �Come on Sergio, give us a chance!� and to hear that was good. But the crowds were great and it says a lot for them.

Playing with Luke should be good fun. We are good friends and we have played a lot together in regular events and in practice rounds so we are looking forward to it.

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