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October 31, 2004

Sergio Garcia


Q. How do you feel?

SERGIO GARCIA: Great. No, I feel great, yeah. (Laughing.)

You know, it's a shame. Somebody's got to lose. But, you know, I felt like I gave myself chances to win it. I had to hit a real good putt on 16. I thought it was going to go in and just missed it. I had two really good chances on 17 and 18. One on 18, I hit it to five feet but just didn't hit the best of putts. That's all you can do.

All the credit in the world to Ian. I think he played very well all week, too. I had the pleasure of playing with him the first day, and, you know, on the back nine, he really got himself back into the tournament because he struggled a bit on the front nine. But, you know, he pulled through and he ended up being the winner.

But, you know, it's a shame. I would love to win here at Valderrama. I know there's a lot of people that wanted me to win here and, you know, this is as close as you get without winning.

Q. What happened on 18 with the spectator?

SERGIO GARCIA: In the playoff?

Q. In the playoff, yeah.

SERGIO GARCIA: I didn't see it. But what they were saying is that I hit my ball on the left, the second shot and it looks like the ball went down, it hit a little girl and the girl picked it up and then dropped it. It was just a matter of getting it back to where the ball was originally. So, no big deal.

Q. How about that putt, that five-foot putt, did it look perfectly straight or did it not look perfectly straight?

SERGIO GARCIA: No, it definitely wasn't straight. It was probably an inside left putt and I just didn't trust it. You know, I didn't trust it and I pulled it a little bit and I missed it. It's a shame because I hit a really good second shot. You know, those are the things that happen. When you put yourself in winning positions on and on, you know, sometimes you're going to win and sometimes you're going to lose.

Fortunately this year, I've won two playoffs in the U.S. and unfortunately I didn't get through on this one, but I'm still very proud of the way I played this week. I felt like my game was at a very good level. I felt like my putting was at a very good level. And pretty much missed just a couple of short putts all week, and on these greens, it's tough to be consistent on those short putts.

You know, I'm proud of it, and, you know, I would love to win. But as I said before, unfortunately there can only be one winner, usually.

Q. What did you hit on your approach to 18?


Q. Was that the last shot in regulation?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, on the 72nd hole.

Q. The playoff, what was the second shot in the playoff?

SERGIO GARCIA: I can't say how it was because I can't say bad words. But I was -- (Laughter.)

No, I was pretty much dead. I was trying to hit a 3-iron with a bit of a slice. But the lie, it was a bit too much grass to make it cut as much as it had to. Unfortunately it was my worst tee shot on that hole all week long. I've been hitting 3-wood on that hole great, every day. I stripe it down the middle every day, and unfortunately I just came out a little bit and missed it right. But, you know, it's heartbreaking, but what can you do. Still a good performance.

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