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October 30, 2004

Sergio Garcia


Q. We know you were told that the greens had been cut accidentally but did it still take you by surprise when you went back to hole that putt?

SERGIO GARCIA: You know, I was telling Glenn after, while we were walking on 14, that I would have liked to hit that putt, not because they cut it or anything, but I would like to hit that putt before the break because there was a bit more momentum and I was a bit more into it. You know, it's tough when you have about a 6-footer for par and your opponent has just made a bomb for birdie to go two in front of and you, you need to make that putt, and you spend, you know, a lot of time thinking about it and then when you get there, you spend five or ten minutes around the green waiting to start, you know and then you don't know where to look, because you don't want to look at the putt, you're just waiting to see what's going on.

That was a bit of a shame, but, you know, I think that all credit to Alastair. I think he played great. He definitely putted very nicely. You know, I definitely didn't play badly but I definitely didn't play as well as I played the first two days. It was just a shame that, you know, I missed that putt on 12. I think that was a big momentum change. I probably just should have told him to putt out or something and his line was kind of in my stance, and I didn't even bother. I've been playing those putts so well, but that's what golf is about. When you think you have it under control, it tells you, "Hey, what are you doing."

Q. Have you played with him much?

SERGIO GARCIA: I've played with him a couple of times, yes.

Q. Your opinion?

SERGIO GARCIA: He's a great player, no doubt about it. He's not a long hitter, but he's very straight and his short game is just spooky. It seems like he can almost make every putt he looks at.

So, you know, I think he's a very nice player and he's been doing some good things for the past two or three years.

Q. Does it give you an opportunity to go into tomorrow without any real pressure and to give it a rip?

SERGIO GARCIA: Not really. I would like to be 12-under and have all of the pressure in the world. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. But no, I definitely would like to be in the lead but I feel confident about myself. I feel confident about my game, and you know, I know that I really enjoy playing this course and I know that if I put a good, solid round on it, I can have a chance.

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