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July 18, 2003

Sergio Garcia


STEWART McDOUGALL: Sergio Garcia, 71, 144, plus two. Three behind the leader. Sergio, that's a good position to be in with two rounds to play. How do you feel now?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, definitely it wasn't easy out there these last couple of days, but we hung in there. We played hard. Of course I'd like to be a little better, but unfortunately, I left myself some shots coming in yesterday and you pay for those. But I feel pretty good about it.

Q. A lot of the guys are saying that the pin placements have been extremely hard these first two days. What's your feelings?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, well, they've been pretty difficult, yes. No doubt. A lot of tricky pins. Like 1 today, for example, was really tricky. And you saw Sandy 4-putting or something like that. 9, I think, it was tough. I don't know, then you had -- 18, it was just a difficult pin position, but it was flat. It wasn't anything special. They were rough, but we got a little lucky that at the end the wind wasn't kicking us as hard and we were able to get a little closer and make some putts coming in. But I think it's been great so far.

Q. Psychologically is it important for you to be slightly ahead of Tiger at the halfway stage?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I think the best place to be will be one in front of Davis. I think that's the place you're always looking for. But it's nice to see that -- I played with him both days, and I didn't feel like my game was by any means worse than his. That's always important. If I keep it going like I did these last few days, we're going to have a chance.

Q. The first half of the year we've been talking to you about swing changes. Are you now just playing golf, almost, and especially in a week like this on a course like this?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, pretty much. You can't do well if you're on the course thinking you're going to do this or that. Of course you have some little feelings, because you know I've always played by feel, and of course you always have some sensations around the course that help you get through it. But of course, you can't do well if you're thinking about your swing or anything like that.

Q. A lot of players have gone through swing changes and have had a single moment when they thought, yeah, that's it. I remember Tiger talking about that in the past. Did that happen to you? Was there a single shot even on the range where you thought that was the one or has it been more gradual?

SERGIO GARCIA: I think I've been getting better and better, as I've been practicing. I really felt like at the Memorial I hit the ball well. I liked the way I was hitting it there. Unfortunately, I putted like a madman. But since there I really felt like my ball-striking has been a lot more consistent. I've been working quite hard on my putting, too, and it looks like it's paying off. I'm hitting a lot of good putts. I made some nice ones today. And the ones I didn't make, they were extremely good putts. So that's always important.

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