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October 30, 2003

Sergio Garcia


Q. The back nine, is there anything much different to your game?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I birdied 12. I eagled 11.

Really, it wasn't, the main thing was that I just was able to hit it a bit closer to the pin on the back nine. I hit a lot of good shots on the front. I mean, I hit a good shot on the first but I flew the green. I had hit too much club. On 2, I hit another great shot with a 6-iron and hit about four yards right of the pin, so it was a good birdie, didn't chip it in.

Then on 5, I hit another good shot and it came up just a bit short.

7, unfortunately I was blocked by the tree on the right, just missing the fairway.

8, I had a good opportunity but hit it a little bit, probably about 16 feet and didn't make it.

Then on 9, I hit a really good shot. I hit it to about, I don't know, eight feet, nine feet and didn't make that putt.

Then on the back nine, I was able to hit a couple close ones and make them and that was the main difference. It was pretty consistent. I'm pretty happy the way I hit the ball with all of the wind and everything.

Q. We asked Jose Maria about 17 and he said you're never really happy until it's over; do you agree with that about the hole?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, well, it's a hole that you know it's going to get your adrenaline going. You have to be so precise with every single shot you hit. You have to hit a good drive because the landing area is not big. Then you have to hit a great lay-up. You have two options: You can hit is short of the bunker or over the bunker, but over the bunker makes it a little easier. The problem is, you hit over the bunker, you know you have to be a bit careful with the spin. With the greens as soft as they are, you have to be really careful with that.

Definitely, a five is always a good result. I felt like the three shots I hit, I probably deserved a bit more but any time you get out of there with a five or lower, you're happy.

It was a fairly easy pin today, anyway.

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