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November 7, 2002

Sergio Garcia


SERGIO GARCIA: I started the round very well, but on a course like this, as complicated as this one, if things are not going right, it can get even more complicated.

But I'm happy with the way I played. Every score under par on this golf course is a good score.

Q. Can you talk about your new clubs, do you feel any difference?

SERGIO GARCIA: It's like you, when you have a new pen and you have a new one, you can still write. I hit good shots, but it was not easy. You are hitting shots to very small greens. But I felt comfortable. I think I've hit good shots. And to make a few birdies, it's always important.

Cabrera's round, it's a great round, no doubt about it. But they do not give the trophies on Thursdays. You can start winning the tournament on Thursday, but you do not win until Sunday.

I've hit putts that should have gone in but they didn't. But I left the course with very positive thinking, and that's always very important.

Q. Could you tell us how you played 17?

SERGIO GARCIA: I was actually a little unfortunate, because I was waiting for that hole, it was downwind the whole day, and when we -- after we played the 15th hole, we played the 15th into the wind and then it should have been -- 16 should have been down on the left, and after the second shot, it actually was into on the right.

So the wind completely changed on us. It made it pretty much a three-shot hole. I tried to hit a pretty good drive with a little cut and I just didn't cut it enough and it went just in the bunker. Hit a 5-iron from there to about 75 yards. I hit it a little too firm with a lob-wedge to the back edge, on the green but on the back.

I don't know, 35 feet, 2-putt.

Q. Easy 2-putt?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I almost made it. I hit a great putt. It was a tough putt. I aimed this putt probably about five or six feet left of the pin, a lot left of the hole and missed it just right. But, yeah, it was an easy 2-putt.

Q. Nick Dougherty putted off the green.

SERGIO GARCIA: From where?

Q. I don't know, he was on two and putted off the green.

SERGIO GARCIA: I heard about that. I think it was on the right-hand side of the green. From there, it's quite tricky. You don't have much room behind the hole from that side of the green, and it's really fast, so he probably just hit it a little too hard and the ball just kept going. You know, you've just got to be careful with those things.

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