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November 3, 2001

Sergio Garcia


Q. Talk about your round today.

SERGIO GARCIA: It was pretty good. I felt a lot better today. I didn't feel like I hit the ball that bad. With my driver I had a couple bad bounces. I went in the rough and I had some trouble to save pars. But other than that, I felt pretty good. I hit it -- probably from the fourth hole to the end I hit some bad iron shots, but then I recovered well at nine and missed it for eagle. But it was good. I'm comfortable. I'm feeling better. My putter is feeling better. I look forward to tomorrow.

Q. Three strokes back tomorrow. How do you feel going into the final round?

SERGIO GARCIA: I feel good. I would like to be a little closer, if possible. Of course, I think that I still have a chance, if we go out there tomorrow and have a good round. And you never know what's going to happen Sunday, TOUR Championship and sometimes you just have to close the deal.

Q. Your mom was here watching. What was that like?

SERGIO GARCIA: It was great. She's been watching me before. And she came to San Antonio. And it was nice to have them around. It's always great. She gave me a couple pats on the back yesterday morning, and I felt better today.

Q. What did it feel like in the gallery? Can you ever make eye contact with your mother?

SERGIO GARCIA: Once in a while I do see them, yeah. But usually they like to walk forward so they can see a little more. And unfortunately, I'm not able to see them as many times as I would like to. I do see them once in a while.

Q. This is the first time in Houston. You have a big following here, Hispanic following.


Q. What is that like?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, it's great. It's unbelievable to see how many Hispanic spectators are around here and talking to me in Spanish when I'm at the course and stuff like that. It's nice. But I don't think -- I think it's not only the Hispanic ones, the Americans are great, too. And I hope I play good tomorrow.

Q. Would another massage be in order for tonight?

SERGIO GARCIA: No doubt about that. (Laughter.)

Q. It's a very strong field, to say the least. It's almost like a Major of sorts, with the guys on top of the leader board. Talk about your mindset on Sunday, based on the fact that who you're up against.

SERGIO GARCIA: Nothing. I think it's just the same thing. You got to go out there and hit as many good shots as you can. And actually, if I'm able to get a good start on the front nine and shoot two or three under, at least, or 4-under on the front nine, put some pressure on the guys in front of me and we can have a chance. But I think that that is how it has to be.

Q. Does this particular title -- where would it fall in the range of the titles that you've won if you were to be able to grab it?

SERGIO GARCIA: For sure it would be the biggest one. Because I think that after the majors and the world events, things like that, I won some tournaments this year here, Colonial, but I think that it's a little bigger because of the people that can play in it. And it's hard to work through it all the year to get into this tournament. So that's it. I hope to have a good day tomorrow.

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