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November 9, 2000

Sergio Garcia


SERGIO GARCIA: I think that after a bad start, it was pretty good to shoot 69, 3-under, because I hit a couple bad shots on the 1st and the 3rd and wasn't able to make pars. After that, this is not an easy course, so to be able to make four birdies in a row, almost six, to come back from that, it's pretty good. It's a course that I've always felt pretty comfortable on playing here. I have a chance of being friends with Mr. Patino. Whenever I have a chance, I come down here and practice. But hopefully I'll be able to keep this feeling, and maybe I'll be able to shoot some good rounds to be up on top on Sunday.

Q. Mentally and physically do you feel happier with your position after the first day's play this year than last year?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, of course. Last year, I shot 74; this year, I shot 69. For sure, it's a lot better. But, yeah, I feel pretty comfortable. I still have good chances of winning. It's a pretty good round. Hopefully, the best thing of all is that I felt like I hit the ball pretty well. I hit it the way I wanted to. When I wanted to draw, I draw. when I wanted to fade it, I faded. That's the best feeling to have, to be able to work the ball. Hopefully I'll keep that feeling for the whole week and will be able to shoot good scores.

Q. Do you feel the best is still yet to come?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, of course it's still to come. But it's been coming slowly but surely. It's been coming for the last four, five months, it's been coming a little more. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a good feel. But I still feel like there's some good things that may come.

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