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August 21, 1999

Sergio Garcia


LEE PATTERSON: Maybe just a couple comments about your round today and heading into tomorrow, then we will open it up for questions.

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, just say I played pretty well today again. Hit all good shots. Hit a couple of bad ones and made some good recoveries and good up-and-downs from there. But I had two good -- three birdies in a row. And first 3, and then 15, 16, 17. And, you know, I still have some chances to win here. And I am really looking forward to have my first victory in the States.

Q. It looks very likely you will play with David Duval tomorrow. How do you feel about that?

SERGIO GARCIA: I feel if we do, I will feel great. I really like to play with him. I played with a lot of great players. I played with Tiger. I played with Mark and Vijay today. I played with a lot of good players, and I like to play with David. Looking forward to it. And let's see if he can finish birdie, par, or something like that, and we can play together tomorrow.

Q. You had a pretty exciting bogey at 10. Want to take us through that?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, well, that was one of the best bogeys --

Q. Really.

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I hit 3-wood from the tee. My hand was kind of a little sweaty and kind of pulled it a little left, almost hit out-of-bounds. Wasn't very good there. So I thought it wasn't going to go too far. So hit my -- hit like a little sand wedge; tried to hit it to the fairway. Went through the fairway; hit good 8-iron from there. I thought it was going to be good. It just didn't carry enough. Just a couple of yards more was a very good shot, but went to the water, dropped it, and chipped it in from there.

Q. That was 191 yard 8-iron wasn't it?

SERGIO GARCIA: It was -- something like that.

Q. Then you slam-dunked the chip?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I drop it there. I told my caddie to take the pin out and we will chip it in from there. That was pretty good.

Q. How long of a shot?

SERGIO GARCIA: The chip, I don't know. Probably 20, 22 feet.

Q. Could you quickly go through your card and give us the clubs and distances on the birdies.

SERGIO GARCIA: On the 1st, I hit a good driver with a little draw, just fairway, on the left-hand side of the fairway. Hit a good 4-iron from there, just a soft 4-iron, little long but in the green about 45 feet, and 2-putted. Then on 2 I hit very good 4-iron to the fairway. A great lob wedge from 108, and putt it like three feet. Then on 3 I hit great drive again with a little draw. I had 123 to the pin, I think. Hit a smooth sand wedge, and hit another great shot up to about five feet. Then the bogey on 7, I just pulled it a little with a 9-iron into the bunker. I had a pretty difficult bunker shot. I saw Mark did pretty well and hit it like five feet by, so tried to put it really close, and just hit it just a little too soft and didn't get to the green. Chipped it, and make a two-foot putt for bogey. Then on 8 I hit a good drive again to the left part of the fairway. Hit a good 3-iron from there from 243, I think, and putt it like 25 feet for eagle, and 2-putted. 10, before, I said. Then on 14, I hit a bad drive. Well, hooked it a little too much. I had a pretty good lie there. I don't know. Kind of -- I just hit it thin, and the ball never went up in the air. So I had like 253 to the hole; hit 5-iron, just a little right of the green. Chipped it too hard to about 12, 15 feet; missed it. Then on 15 I hit a good 3-wood. Then lob wedge from 78 yards, just a little right, like 15, 18 feet, and made it. Then on next one I hit a good 6-iron from 211 with a little fade to about eight feet -- seven, eight feet; made it. Then on 17 I hit a good drive, just a little right, but had a good break. Kicked left and went to the fairway. Hit a 6-iron from there just on the front of the green right about 40 feet, and 2-putted.

Q. Did you say you hit a wedge at No. 11?


Q. What was your distance?

SERGIO GARCIA: 186 to the pin, hit wedge, and flew it like 196 or 197 downhill.

Q. You are going to use your sand wedge on that hole the next time?

SERGIO GARCIA: No, I can't. I can't hit 186 yard with a sand wedge.

Q. On No. 7, you and Mark had your ball in the bunker about maybe an inch, two inches apart. Mark hit first. Did that make the sand shot that much more difficult for you?

SERGIO GARCIA: Not really, but I knew it was difficult, and I saw he did it pretty well. And he went like five feet by. And, well, I knew I had to hit it really well to put it close. That is what I tried. And I just hit it just a little too soft.

Q. Sergio, we have been following you the last couple of days. The day was spectacular off the tee. You are playing with one of the longer hitters on the PGA TOUR, Vijay Singh, and straight and a lot of the gallery people in the gallery were asking about, well, how does a young man of your size and stature hit the ball so far with a steel-shafted driver versus these guys using the highest technology available: Graphite and so forth. Just curious as to what you would attribute your extra length to? Your swing is --

LEE PATTERSON: What is the question?

Q. Question is what do you attribute your length to?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I think I hit it long because -- well, I am really confident. That is the first thing. Well, to hit long, first of all, you have to strike the ball right in the right place. Then if you have a swing with a lot of speed, that helps a lot. And that is what my swing is. I am probably not very tall and not very strong -- well, not very a lot of muscles, but I make my swing with a lot of swing on the downswing, and that gives me some more yards.

Q. What have you been -- not about the round, but what have you been doing to get relaxed away from here after everything that happened Sunday and what has been going on this week?

SERGIO GARCIA: Just nothing, normal life. Go back to the house we rent, have a little massage, run a little, jog again, have dinner, and go to bed and sleep. Just normal. You know, when I have to tell you that when I am here playing in the golf course, I am not thinking about last week. I am just thinking about how I'm doing here and how are the other guys doing.

Q. Does this now mean the new hot rivalry in golf is you and Duval?

SERGIO GARCIA: (laughs) That -- you know -- I mean, last week was Tiger; this week seems like it is going to be Duval. I don't think -- I think everybody is a rival. I mean, everybody out there plays great. You have to play against them, all of them. You are not playing just against one. But I will just try to go out there, and I will play as well as I can and try to beat everybody. If not, I will just congratulate the winner and say: Well played.

Q. Did you have a number in mind when you started the round on how many points you thought you needed to make, and do you have a number in mind for tomorrow what you think it might take?

SERGIO GARCIA: I don't know. Probably this tournament is real exciting, but it can change. So -- it is kind of weird the way it can change. You make an eagle, you get five points. So you never know what is going to win. But I don't know. If they finish, probably David will finish 39. I don't know, probably 48, 50 will win tomorrow. But I am not sure.

Q. If that is the case, do you approach tomorrow any differently? Do you take even more chances, that sort of thing?

SERGIO GARCIA: No, I am just going to go out there, and I will play like I have been playing these days. I am trying to make a lot of birdies. Well, I -- what did I -- these couple of days, well, I am just going to try and play the same way I am playing and see if I can make a lot of birdies, some eagles, and no bogeys.

Q. Before this tournament, have you played this format before?


Q. What do you think of it? And what do you think of the course?

SERGIO GARCIA: I have never played this format. First time I saw it, it was last year when I was watching the tournament. Well, this is my first time. So what I think of it, I think -- well, it is different. Sometimes it is good to play some different type of format in golf just not to be always stroke-play and just that, just hit the ball and finish everything. So I think it is pretty nice to -- for us to have some different kind of formats, and this is a good one. The golf course, well, I just can say it is a great golf course. It is one of the best greens I have ever seen. I don't know how I am going to do tomorrow, but I feel so comfortable. It looks like I can make it from anywhere.

Q. You have had great success on both sides of the Atlantic this summer. Are you beginning to find, in your own mind, that you'd rather play here than Europe? Do you prefer the courses in America with the more target type golf?

SERGIO GARCIA: No, well, I prefer both. I feel comfortable in Europe. I feel comfortable here. I am just saying sometimes I have said -- I just want to play now. I don't want to think about what I am going to do next year. I am going to enjoy what I have. I have a lot of great tournaments coming and, you know, when I finish this year at the end of November, I will just sit with my family and with my manager and we will talk about that.

Q. You'll probably be the crowd favorite tomorrow. How have you enjoyed that? Does that pump you up and make you better, or can it be distracting at times?

SERGIO GARCIA: I think it put me -- it made me a better player. When you are out there and the crowds are helping you, they are kind of cheering to you all the time, I think it makes you a better player. You feel more comfortable. And I don't think it distracts me, because when I am on the ball, everybody is quiet. And I really thank them because they have a lot of respect to the players.

Q. With the length that the ball carries, your adjustments, are they a little more difficult for you? Do you have any problems at all; especially with that wedge shot going 196?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, but I think everybody does. It is really difficult to know how far you are going to hit every single shot here. But I think you have to work with that. You have to play with that in your mind and just think: Well, if I make a mistake, just try to make an up-and-down, and that is all. But it is really tough, because after that on the 12th, today I had 197 to the pin, with that wind, I just hit a 7-iron. I thought it was perfect. Hit a 7-iron to the middle of the green and flew it like 204. So you never know what -- how far the ball is going to go. I am just trying to do my best there. I just want to say one thing that I forgot to say the other day: That I really like to thank Mr. Vickers for inviting me because he had the vision and on Thursday at The Masters to invite me to this tournament before I did everything. So I really like to thank him and to say, well, that I hope he is enjoying that I am playing here. Also I forgot to say one thing last week to thank the PGA to invite me to play the PGA Championship because if it wasn't because of them, I wouldn't have finished second there. So I would really like to thank them.

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