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August 28, 1999

Sergio Garcia


GORDON SIMPSON: Sergio, do you feel the two drives you would have taken back today at 16 and 18, but other than that?

SERGIO GARCIA: I didn't hit the driver very well on the back nine. You know, I was hanging in there. Making some good pars. A couple birdies. I made a big mistake on 16 and hooked it into the hazard, made bogey. And then bad drive. Just a little unlucky on 18, and I had a pretty difficult shot and it didn't work. You know, double-bogey there. You know, at least I played better than a couple days before. I struck the ball better, and that's what happened.

Q. What can you say about Tiger's performance today?

SERGIO GARCIA: It was just unbelievable. He was making birdie and birdie, and it was very good.

Q. Were you almost looking around and seeing the ball?

SERGIO GARCIA: I wanted to see how I was doing, because obviously I was 7-under and I wanted to see how far I was from him. You know, it was real exciting.

Q. Are you too far back to catch him?

SERGIO GARCIA: Probably better. It's maybe a little too much. But I'll try. I'll try to finish as good as I can.

Q. Unrelated to today, how have you been spending your time? Have you had any fun here? I just heard you got your driver's license. Are you out driving?

SERGIO GARCIA: We went to see a movie yesterday.

Q. You were trying desperately hard to get into that last group tomorrow, but at 17, what happened?

SERGIO GARCIA: That was probably the key. That ball was in the hole. 7-under, I'm sure I hit a better driver or something else. But, you know, it kind of put me a little down, and then double-bogey on 18.

GORDON SIMPSON: Thank you very much.

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