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October 28, 2005

Sergio Garcia


Q. Your comments on the round?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, another pretty good round, pretty solid round. Just unfortunate to make bogey at the last again. But other than that, it was pretty good. I felt like I played well, I felt like I played very good the back nine. I shot 3-under on the back nine, missing a good amount of putts.

Finally got it going a little bit on 10, 11 and around there, so not too bad, but would have loved to make par on the last, at least.

Q. 7-under feels good I'm sure, but when you look at the leaderboard, you see a man who is playing really well?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, but I'm not bothered about that. I'm bothered about myself; I feel like I'm at 7-under, but I haven't done anything extraordinary yet.

So of course, the course is playing probably the easiest it can play because there's not much wind. With this little bit of rain last night, the greens are softer, so you can attack a lot of these pins. But if the weather improves and it just gets a little bit tougher as the week goes on, and I keep playing the way I've been playing, I should have a chance on Sunday. And that's the main goal, give myself a good chance and put some pressure on Monty at the moment and see how we can both handle it.

Q. Second shot to 17, was that pretty good?

SERGIO GARCIA: It was, yeah. It was a nice one there.

I was just trying to -- I could see the shot. I was just trying to get a bit of extra confidence from my caddie and to go for it. The good thing about it, I knew that even if I wasn't able to pull it off and get on the green, I knew that I could still make 5. You know, it's not a very difficult pin to attack with a lob-wedge in your hand. So I hit a good shot there. It definitely was a nice shot and it kept me going a little bit.

Just disappointing that I didn't finish it off on 18.

Q. So 18 is a good hole?

SERGIO GARCIA: Not the way I've been playing it.

Q. It's a fair hole, is it?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, you've just got to hit a good drive. Today I hit it on the right line but I just thinned it a little bit, got up in the wind and didn't carry and got a fairly thick lie there in the rough.

Yes, I mean, it definitely could be -- could be straighter, but, you know, I think the holes are going to have something to challenge you. If every hole is straightforward, then every hole is easy. So I think that's the beauty of this course. You know, some people might think, you know, this hole is not fair; this hole is not fair.

I think that a golf course that makes you think, it's a great golf course. Unfortunately some of the golf courses we play, some of the golf courses we play just don't make you think. It's just get there with a driver, hit it as hard as you can, and so you hit it 230 yards to the sides, it doesn't matter. So I think that is the beauty of this course.

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