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November 17, 2005

Sergio Garcia Miguel Angel Jimenez


MARIA ACACIA: Sergio, Miguel Angel, thank you for being with us. We know you're hungry, you need to go in practice, so thank you even more.

SERGIO GARCIA: More than anything, we need to go practice.

MARIA ACACIA: 10-under, how does it feel?

SERGIO GARCIA: It's okay. It was a solid round, but nothing special. I think with the conditions, if we could have played with our potential, we could definitely have shot a lot better than we did. At least at the end we got it going a little bit and we got it to double digits, and that's always important in the first round.

I'm feeling okay and hopefully we can work out a couple of things this afternoon on the range and be spot-on for tomorrow.

You've got to be careful with the rough because it's quite thick. If you've got to hit the ball from that thick rough, you don't have that much control on how to hit the correct side of the green. But that is where the course protects itself, on the greens.

We have both tried to play the best that we could and hit it close. Sometimes it didn't happen. It's not that we play aggressive all the time. Sometimes if your partner has hit a not-so-good shot and you don't feel very comfortable, maybe then you try to be a bit more defensive. But we will try to play our game as we always do.

MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: We started a bit slowly and then it got better. We both made birdies on the same holes on the first nine. Then Sergio played very well, and I think I helped him and supported him on the back nine, so be both combined well.

It's the first time that we play here; we didn't know the golf course before we came.

SERGIO GARCIA: It's a pity what happened on the 17th. Miguel Angel hit a very good shot, and I had an eagle chance and when I was just about to hit, somebody shouted at a child and I had to step back.

On the 18th, the ball bounced to the left. It seemed good, but we didn't make birdie there.

Miguel Angel and myself, I think we play better when the conditions are more difficult. Yes, probably it will help to have a little bit of wind, but it doesn't really mean anything because we are able to hit some good shots and I hope we will.

MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Here you have got to play very well from the first round. Of course we would love to be farther ahead, but it's not the case. We need to work hard.

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