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March 26, 2006

Sergio Garcia


SERGIO GARCIA: It doesn't look like it, but I'll gear up for Stephen. He's going to shoot probably 67 or 68 at the most today and tough conditions and Sunday on a difficult golf course, where the greens were just were right on the limit. I think he played awesome. And I played pretty, pretty bad. And it all adds up.

Q. Sergio, the final rounds have not been kind to you this year. How do you explain that?

SERGIO GARCIA: Just haven't played well. I guess a bit of everything. Sunday my good shots seems to be bad and my bad shots are bad. So, you know, it all adds up nicely. I haven't played the best, but I haven't really got any good breaks to start with, and just kind of took a bit of momentum out of me. And it's pretty much been happening every single last round. But, you know, what can you do? You're not going to kill yourself, you're just going to keep working on it and hopefully one of these years I'll have a good Sunday.

Q. Do you look at it at least you're putting yourself in contention?

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah. It's a shame, because I haven't been able to put four rounds together. I definitely have been getting better to put at least two or three in every tournament. And hopefully I can keep working on it and just wait for it to start going the right way.

Q. Attention now turns towards The Masters. What's your preparation? What are you going to do for that?

SERGIO GARCIA: Nothing, just keep working and see what happens.

Q. Camilo is getting a lot of the attention that you've been dealing with for years. Do you have any advice for him, just how to sort of deal with that and continue to improve?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, just try to be himself.

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