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November 13, 2005

Paul Hanley



Q. Paul and Wayne, not a match that is ordinary. What do you think of this victory, you prevailed against the No. 1 team?

WAYNE ARTHURS: Yeah, it's a great start for us in this group. We had probably the toughest match, the No. 1 pair in the world first up. Maybe good to get them on the hop before they've warmed up for a couple of matches. A start like this is what we sort of planned on to win sort of this match today. I think we were on top early in the match. We won the first set, then had one or two breakpoints early or midway in the second set. We were a little disappointed to lose that second set. It's a good character-building match to come back and win that third-set tiebreaker.

Q. How do you like the audience here?

PAUL HANLEY: We've enjoyed ourselves. We like Shanghai. We've done well here. No, it's great to come back somewhere where you know you've done well before. We came here early and practiced. It's good to get the result.

WAYNE ARTHURS: I think the crowd are very knowledgeable, as well. They're very polite. As soon as the play starts, the noise stops. They're cheering for their favorites. It's great to see.

Q. Although you have won this match against the Bryan brothers, they're still in a good position to claim the No. 1 status. What is your evaluation of their performance today? In what way have you won this match?

WAYNE ARTHURS: I think putting a lot of pressure on their game by holding our serves. We didn't lose serve the whole match. That puts pressure on their service games. We've rarely had a match against them which hasn't been very close. I think the last couple of matches we played, we had match points and lost. Maybe before that, they had match points and we beat them. It's always one or two points. That's the way it comes down in doubles sometimes.

Q. Not that many people turned out for your match as people do for the singles. Do you think those who are absent should feel sorry for their absence?

WAYNE ARTHURS: They should, yeah. I think it was a pretty good spectacle today. Had some really good rallies and a lot of quick exchanges at the net. People who missed out today, maybe they can come on Tuesday when we play again.

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