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June 27, 2019

Kemar Roach

Manchester, England, UK

India - 268/7 (50), West Indies - 143 (34.2)

THE MODERATOR: Questions Kemar Roach.

Q. Your performance, West Indies' performance in this tournament, you have started well against Pakistan, and people were assuming that you would be a good team and would reach the semifinals. But day by day in the tournament, your performance has been gone wayside. What's the reason behind this? Are you relaxed, or were you not expecting to get some good performance in this tournament?
KEMAR ROACH: It's tough to say. I think, obviously after the first innings against Pakistan, the guys were confident going forward into the World Cup. I think a couple of close games between Australia and then a couple of other teams, New Zealand, I think it's tough because you want to get over the line, obviously, and get some confidence going forward but it didn't work out for us.

But I think the guys, you know, keeping our heads up. We're out now, but obviously there's a future for us. I think we're still learning, couple of young guys on the team got a great future for them. And it's all about being positive and looking forward.

Q. It was not a very easy pitch to bat on. The way Virat Kohli was bowling it seemed as if he was batting on a different pitch. A few words on how difficult he is to bowl to?
KEMAR ROACH: Virat is a class player, I would say. The world knows that. It's always tough coming up against him. He's a fighter. So I think, yeah, it was a pretty -- it looked like a slow pitch for us. I think it's about being consistent as a bowler, putting the balls in the right area.

There was enough there for us and it showed. I think we bowled pretty well as a bowling group today. To restrict India for 260 I think we did a pretty good job. But, you know, that's all part of cricket.

But as I said, Virat is a quality player. And it's always tough coming up against him.

Q. Your own input into the World Cup, you probably didn't play as many games as you would like, but from a personal perspective today your figures look great and you bowled well. And you and Jason kept the scoring down. How did you feel about that personally?
KEMAR ROACH: I thought today for me, I was in good rhythm. The ball came pretty well. And I was very consistent. I was proud of myself of the figures, obviously picking a few wickets for the team and being very economical. It was very good.

And Jason bowled well. All the bowlers bowled well. As I said, to restrict India for 260 is always going to be good. They're a quality batting lineup, some world-class players on their team. And I think 260 on that pitch was, for me, below par. But there was just, just not our day for the batsmen. So go look at ourselves deeply and obviously move forward.

Q. By the 41st over both you and Jason, you had completed your quota. So do you think somewhere Jason got the tactic wrong because in the last end over (indiscernible) maybe from you or from Jason a few overs, because when he was not playing as well? So some overs could have been kept? Maybe he got the tactic wrong?
KEMAR ROACH: I trust Jason as a skipper. He has his plans and he has been a pretty good skipper for us the last couple of years. Obviously I trust him with what he was thinking. So I think me bowling out and him bowling out pretty early, it wasn't bad.

Obviously you want to get stuck into the India middle order as early as possible. And I think we did that. I think that's the guys coming in after that, they just have to understand some aspects. And obviously it was to deliver and execute as well as we can.

I think we did that pretty well. But kudos to me and Jason and obviously all the whole bowling team, but I think it was a pretty decent performance for us.

Q. After seven games against the top teams you have only Sri Lanka and Afghanistan to play. How do you look at India's performance and India's strength and weaknesses as compared to the other six teams that you have played before today?
KEMAR ROACH: It's the World Cup; the best 10 teams are here. So coming up against Sri Lanka and Afghanistan is going to be just as tough as any other game. It's all about us staying positive, execute on our plans.

Q. I meant India's performance as compared to the other teams you have already played.
KEMAR ROACH: Well, I didn't play much, but in this performance today, obviously, as I say, a quality lineup. Tough team. They're very smart and they know what they're doing. They've been together for a while and they've been a quality team for a while.

So I think playing against them, you know, is an eye-opener. Obviously you've got to be on your P's and Q's obviously and be very sharp. It's a good test and obviously it's a good lesson going forward into the rest of the tournament.

Q. You talked about the future. What does the future look like for you and for West Indies cricket? How should things move forward after this, do you think?
KEMAR ROACH: Yeah, I think we have a bright future. We have some quality players around. Hetmyer and Oshane, the younger guys, once they get some good guidance, they'll do well for West Indies. And I'm confident in the guys. I'll always be a fan of West Indies cricket for sure. And there's no doubt about it.

Yeah, as I said, it's all a good future for us. There's a couple of guys back home doing well as well. So hopefully we'll see these guys filter into the West Indies team in the probably near future.


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