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June 10, 2019

Kurt Busch

Brooklyn, Michigan

Q. Kurt, second place today. The right rear quarter panel, was that the difference?
KURT BUSCH: That's more than what I was hoping to see for damage.
But I had a blast. Tightest I ever put my belts at the end of a race. We got enough stage points today, hell with it, we don't need to get anything but the win. We got second today.
Logano's car was tough. I really wanted it to go green at the end with Truex. I was going to push him straight through the 22. My best shot at it.
What a day for our Camaro. From Chevy and Monster, thank you, guys. We'll get it. It gives us reason to smile and be be happy. We ran up front, were strong in our manufacturer's backyard, but got second today.

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