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June 10, 2019

Sean Kuraly

St. Louis, Missouri - Practice Day

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. A lot of guys have talked about what Patrice said last night. When approaching a Game 7, what is it like to have guys that have been in this situation before?
SEAN KURALY: It means a lot. We're lucky to have them. They've been here for us all year, before that, too. You look to them, can feel comfort in that, follow in their footsteps, know you're walking in the right direction.

Q. That's as good of a forecheck as you guys have seen all year. How do you read the situation, know you might have (indiscernible) the escape route?
SEAN KURALY: A lot of it's communication. That's maybe the first step of it. Yeah, you don't make that read all the time, but you hope you can. We just want to try trust our feet, our speed, take a couple hard strides, see where it takes you.

We're trying to play with speed and pace, trust our first couple steps.

Q. What do you feel has made your group so comfortable in these big spots?
SEAN KURALY: I think leadership, guys that have been there. You can't always control the outcome, but you can just put your best foot forward, work as hard as you can, see where it goes. I think in those games so far, we've done that. We got another one, we're going to have to do it again.

Q. Obviously it's a little easier for a guy like Wags when he's on the road. What do you do to keep him in the mix?
SEAN KURALY: I think he does a good job of keeping himself in the mix. He's that type of guy that, yeah, he's around now, comes out to the skates, hangs out with the guys.

You just try to keep him involved, talk about the game with him, see what he sees from upstairs. But, yeah, it's probably tough for him. You got to realize that, too. He's a big part of this team, made a sacrifice for the good of the team, like we've had so many guys do this year.

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