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June 7, 2019

Marketa Vondrousova

Paris, France


7-5, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. How does it feel to be in a Grand Slam final?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I mean, it's amazing. I never, like, imagined this. But, yeah, it's the best week of my life so far. I'm just very happy with everything. It's an amazing thing.

Q. Could you just talk about the beginning of the match? You lost the first ten points. What was kind of going through your mind at that stage? First Grand Slam semifinal, and how did you not panic?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Also, I was a bit nervous, of course. I think she played great few points. I was just trying to stay positive, and, like, not thinking of it and just get better. And, yeah, that was it.

Q. Obviously down in both of those sets towards the end, so you have to tell us at this point how you pulled that comeback off and win it in straight sets.
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I don't really remember, but I think she missed one volley and it was pretty easy. So maybe that was the point of the set.

And also, I'm really happy with the way I played the tiebreak, and it helped my nerves. Because the match before, I did double-fault on my match point, and I was like, Oh, my God, it's here again.

I was, just, yeah, I'm just really proud of myself that I keep this.

Q. With your game, does it feel appropriate to win match point on a dropshot?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I know. I was, like, Yes, it's here again.

No, but I think she also played some great dropshots. It was really great from both of us today. Yeah, I mean, it's my thing. So I'm just very happy.

Q. You tend to smile a lot more on court than I think a lot of players, and I'm wondering how much of that -- well, why? Let's start there. Why do you think you smile more on court after certain shots?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I don't know. I'm, like, Oh, that was a nice shot. And I'm just trying to stay positive. And I'm just enjoying my matches. I'm not stressing about it. It's amazing.

Q. If we were to go back maybe three years ago and watch tape of Marketa Vondrousova playing tennis, is that the same positive player as you are now, or has that been a journey of trying to get that mindset?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Yeah, I mean, it's a long journey. Of course, I'm 19. But when I was 16, I wasn't like this. But, I mean, it's almost like I'm having so much fun on court. I'm playing good. So it's really all, like, these things.

You know, it's really amazing when you're playing like this and also you're, like, won all the matches. It's huge, I think.

Q. This is a smaller stadium than usually semifinals at Grand Slams are. Curious what your reaction was when you saw the schedule and what it was like playing that match and if it felt different than the occasion?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Yeah, I mean, it's strange, like, playing semifinals out there, but I don't know. I'm just happy that I won.

And I'm not trying, like, to think about it, but it's weird. Like, I'm going to play first final and just the first match on center court tomorrow. Yeah, I mean, it's strange. But also rain and stuff.

Yeah, I mean, I don't mind, but I don't think it should be like that.

Q. It's probably a bit before your time, but Hana Mandlikova, she also won the French Open in 1981, and you have the chance to do the same thing tomorrow. She was also 19. Have you seen much of her playing on videos or film? Have your parents told you about her?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: No, I didn't. I don't really know her as a person, also. I never, like, met her. Of course I know who she is, but I never met her.

Q. Can you have a word about your next opponent, Ash Barty, and what will be the key of the match for you?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I played her twice, I think once on grass and once on hard. We never play on clay, so it's going to be something new. Of course she's top 10 now and she's playing amazing tennis.

She's playing so much like -- she's mixing it also like me, so I think it's going to be interesting match. It's final, and I'm just gonna focus and try to relax.

Q. Regarding the schedule, what was your reaction to that, and did you talk to any organizers about it or have you heard anything why you were put out there?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I just talked with the WTA, and they said, like, they're not happy about it also. But, I mean, I like playing at 11:00, so I was like, Okay, that's fine.

Then I also played on this court and, I was, just, Okay, you played there, it's at 11:00, so it's fine for you.

But I know, yeah, they wasn't happy about it also.

Q. Are you going to try to get onto Chatrier at all before the finals?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: No, I wasn't fighting.

Q. I mean... Go ahead.

Q. I was going to say between now and the final, are you going to try and get out on Chatrier, see the place before you play a Grand Slam final?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Yeah, for sure. I want to warm up there. I never been there. I never play there. It's going to be something new. But I like those big courts. Yeah, I'm just really looking forward.

Q. You have never stepped out on Chatrier?

Q. You have never sat in the stands?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I just watch Lucie Safarova when she played finals there when I was junior, but I never, like, played there. So it's going to be something huge.

Q. You're speaking of Lucie. You're the first player to make the final here not dropping a set since Lucie. We talk about Czech tennis and all these things, but what was it like, that experience, watching her play that final? What sort of inspiration do you get from being part of this Czech army on the WTA Tour?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Yeah, I was thinking it's huge when she was playing the finals and it was against Serena, also. I think we just won doubles in junior, and then we, like, run to Lucie's match and watch her. So it was amazing. I was really cheering for her, and she's a really nice person. It was amazing for me.

Q. Have you gotten any messages from some of the other Czech players? Petra, for example? And also, what do you think the reaction will be in your hometown to you reaching the final?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I think huge. Barbora Strycova called me after the match. She was so happy, like, she was screaming so much. And we talked for a bit.

I don't really saw whole messages, but I talked with Barbora, yeah.

Q. Your hometown where you grew up is outside of Prague, like, by a bit. Can you describe it a little bit, like, what kind of city or town or village is it? How many people? Is it big? What is there?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: It's, like, 20,000. Yeah, it's really small. I think everybody's going to know me now (smiling).

It's nice. I'm getting so much messages also from, like, my hometown, and also my mom. She's talking with so many people out there, and it's very nice. Because we are, like, small city. You don't have so much people playing final of Grand Slam there. So it's amazing.

Q. Did you do any sort of changes to your schedule or anything? Were you expecting to be in Paris for 15 days? Did you have to get a new flight, new hotel, to prepare for this extra long trip?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: No, we are staying at the same hotel, but my family is coming here, also my fitness coach. So many people is coming for the finals. I'm so happy for that.

But I'm not going to play Nottingham. It's going to be next week. Yeah, I'm not going to play that. We will see. I'm just going to rest for the finals now.

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