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June 9, 2019

Bronte Law

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. Take us through what happened there on No. 9 today.
BRONTE LAW: I hit a good drive, set myself up for a short club in. I really couldn't believe how short it was playing. I even said to my caddie, is 9-iron really enough? And I just pulled it out and I hit it because I was like -- you could stand there all day discussing this, and the wind sometimes I think you can overthink it too much, and I grew up in the wind being back in England, and sometimes it just comes down to feel. As soon as I hit it off the club face, I knew it was good. It was just a matter of whether it got a good bounce. It was exactly where I was trying to aim it. And yeah, it went in. I couldn't see it, but --

Q. I was going to ask, did it bounce off on the green?
BRONTE LAW: I have no idea. You just go and stand on 9 and ask the people there. I couldn't see.

Q. Big roar?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, not too bad. I don't care. It's about the score on the scorecard, right?

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